Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, January 29, 2011

As the Rest of the World Laughs at American Liberal Stupidity, the New York Times Gives Them Another Reason to Chuckle

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We've said it before and we'll say it again: we at COTT have nothing against gays. What we do have a problem with is the New York Times, and the way they treat sodomy as the height of NWO moral rectitude. The only thing more morally righteous than two grown men servicing each other's bung holes, according to the New York Times, is when laws exist that allow and even encourage said sodomites to live as man and wife, and preferably play parent with adoptive children (preferably minority children, even better if black, even better if aids-infested). And above and beyond that, for the psychos at the NYT, the absolute penultimate form of moral rectitude, is when an entire nation actually gets down on its knees, and, prostrate like a practitioner of the religion of peace, with derrière in air, allows itself to be penetrated by the oppressed unwashed of the Thurd World. No doubt even right-thinking gays on both sides also have a problem with the fascists at the Times (we think). (We'll let the trolls have some fun with that one).

In another sniveling pro-gay agenda article published on page A19 of today's Saturday national edition entitled "Gays Seeking Asylum in the U.S. Face New Hurdles," the four-eyed marxist wordsmiths at Amerika's newspaper of record take the insanity up a notch. This article tells the story of a down-low Brazilian named Something Castro who snuck into the US earlier in the decade, and who recently was awarded a green card based on the fact that he was gay (or so he claimed), and that being gay in Brazil was just so perilous that it would be wrong to deport him to.


Being gay in Brazil is dangerous? WTF?

Too Dangerous To Be Gay Here, Says the NYT. 
Of course it would never occur to the sniveling morality enforcers at the New York Times that many of these third world asylum seekers trying to sneak their way into the US might - just might - claim to be gay in order to take advantage of the liberal insanity that is endemic to the West, and ensure their residence in a country greatly superior to the country they came from. As we see in an example of this cited even in this pro-gay, pro-asylum propaganda puff piece, the evidence is right before their eyes, but the utopia-chasing idiots at the Times are too deluded by their own wishful thinking and sense of moral superiority to admit that even third-worlders have a solid grasp of common sense and decency, and are laughing at Americans for their silly liberal NWO policies.

From the article:
"One lawyer recalled a recent client who applied for asylum on the basis of sexual orientation, then showed up a few weeks later with his wife, seeking help with a green card. In 2009, Steven and Helena Mahoney of Kent, Wash., pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a consulting business in which, among other things, they coached straight people on how to file gay asylum claims.
"For fees of up to $4,000, the Mahoneys provided asylum seekers with dramatic (if fictional) stories of anti-gay persecution, along with lists of gay bars and maps of the gay pride parade route in Seattle to help them pass as gay, according to federal prosecutors. Mr. Mahoney was sentenced to 18 months in prison, Mrs. Mahoney, to 6 months."

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