Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The NWO Reality Fugitives at the NYT Can Barely Conceal Their Disgust at the New Congress

And this is supposed to be America's newspaper of record?

Consider the slimy, duplicitous, suggestive language used in the first lines of this article, entitled "Boehner Takes Gavel in House With Pledge to Bring Change" and published on the front page of today's online edition :
"The newly elected House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday promised a new era of transparency while vowing to push forward the conservative agenda that swept his party into power." 
Note the usage of the term "conservative agenda." When have you ever seen the NYT talk about a "liberal agenda"?

Answer: never.

Instead of reporting on a legitimate transferal of power, wording the title of the article in this way leads readers to mentally picture the new majority "taking a large weapon" to and destroying Obama's health care and gays in the military legislation, among other things. The not-so-veiled implication here is, of course, that racist, backwards, unenlightened, greedy Republicans are hell-bent on undoing all the noble things that the Fraudulent One has accomplished since he was mercifully swept into office by a love-fest of utopian liberal benevolence.

And it gets worse! Look at the picture the communists at the New York Times chose to accompany this article. It makes Boehner look like a dimwitted power freak, à la Charlie Chaplin aka Hitler mindlessly tossing a globe up into the air.
Most Definitely Not Times-Approved
When in the history of Western journalism has a newspaper ever been so fiendish and one-sided?

Answer: never.

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Anonymous said...

I too noticed the subversive nature of the Times' reporting on this.