Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blaming Extinction on Global Warming, When The Real Culprit is Overpopulation

"Endangered by Global Warming", Lies the NYT
In a front page article entitled "Tiny Species at Heat Risk, From Tropics to Peaks", the New York Times falsely reports today that a whole host of small birds and other creatures are facing extinction in Africa and elsewhere as a result of - you guessed it - global warming.

As the rest of the Northern Hemisphere shivers through another record cold winter and the evidence refuting global warming hysteria keeps pouring in, the fiendish communists at the Times continue to goose step down the boulevard of misinformation, blaming dreaded climate change on every conceivable woe, from poverty in Africa to politically instability in Indonesia.

From the article:
"Over the past two decades, an increasing number of settlers who have moved here [the highlands of Kenya] to farm have impinged on bird habitats and reduced bird populations by cutting down forests and turning grasslands into fields. Now the early effects of global warming and other climate changes have helped send the populations of many local mountain species into a steep downward spiral..." 
So even though the Times begins here to report - though meekly -  on the reality of the environmental disaster in Africa, they lack the courage to go all the way with it, and instead fall back on blaming a politically polite culprit.

The problem in Africa is not global warming, it is overpopulation: the continent went from half a billion people in 1980 to one billion in 2010. Like their kin in Haiti, Africans like to chop down trees and, whenever possible, poach wildlife.

It would be politically unsafe for the New York Times to blame the disastrous and tragic depletion of that continent's wildlife on the locals, who as we have seen need to be comforted because they are afflicted (by the comfortable, according to the New York Times). Africa's newly minted half billion souls will never see the rhinos, the lions and the tigers, the countless herds of gazelle and zebras that once roamed the savannah. This is a monstrously sad state of affairs. But what might be sadder still, is the way Amerika's newspaper of record lies about the causes of the disappearance of these creatures.
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The new york Times got Obama elected. If that ain't a crime I don't know what is.

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