Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 9, 2011

NYT Jubilant That A Timothy Mcveigh-Like Figure Has Emerged in Arizona

The NYT Is Going to Milk This Story
Like a Pregnant Cow 
Funny, the Times never came near to providing this kind of coverage when Omar Thornton killed eight white people in Hartford Connecticut:

Instead, they printed articles that spoke of the shooter's victimhood as a target of racism, in articles like "Gunman in Mass Shooting Had a Bumpy Life." The mere fact that Thornton was recorded telling 911 that "I shot the racists" is probably the only reason the Times considered the story newsworthy at all, and printed as many related articles about it as they did. Most of the time the Times ominously hinted that Thornton had legitimate grievances against white people that pushed him to it. Do you think they will give Laughner a pass for similar reasons?

Who remembers the other Thornton killings in Saint Louis in 2008? In circumstances so chillingly similar to the Hartsford shootings that the killers even shared a surname, a black man named "Cookie" Thornton gunned down five white city council members because he thought they were racist. The Times ran the first stories on the killings without publishing Thornton's photo or specifying his race. Later, when due to CNN and other national coverage they could no longer conceal the fact that this was a black-on-white murder massacre, in similar fashion to the whitewashing that would later occur with the Thornton killings in Hartford, the NYT presented the Thornton killings in Saint Louis as once again the result of legitimate grievances by an oppressed black who was otherwise a highly commendable fellow, in such nauseatingly dishonest pieces as "In Missouri, City Asks What Made A Killer Snap."

The killings in Tuscon make us sick, especially that poor little 9 year old girl. But what's also sick is the way that the New York Times is practically rejoicing that this screwball - who apparently was a brainwashed liberal twit in addition to being a psychopath -  did not turn his gun on a member of the other side. It would have been brutal for the Times if the victim had been a conservative immigration enforcer.

The New York Times: all the news that's print to fit and then some.

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Anonymous said...

David Brooks actually writes something surprisingly reasonable in today's Op-Ed section of the NEw York Times.