Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, January 28, 2011

Seeing Hate Where There Is None: The NYT Sides With Illegal Mexican Support Groups, Further Distorts the Truth About the Luis Ramirez Witch Hunt

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In a sickening display of partiality and journalistic dishonesty, the illegal alien-loving cultural marxists at the New York Times published an article on page A21 of today's national edition entitled "Jury Delivers Mixed Verdict for Three Officers," that is spectacularly criminal not by what it says but by what it fails to say.

You may remember the crazy case of the Shendoah Two - the pair of teenagers who got in a scuffle with an illegal Mexican pedophile statutory rapist which resulted in the Mexican dying of head injuries (after tripping and falling down), and the two minors being handed down life sentences in federal prison, after a second trial at which they were amazingly found guilty of violating the wetback's civil rights under an obscure invocation of the Federal Fair Housing Act. The twisted nature of this court case would be enough, in a sane society, to justify lengthy news commentary. But the NYT uses it as an excuse to make it look like evil racist white boys are beating down saintly hard-working undocumented Mexicans on a daily basis, while their horrific racist parents in unearned positions of authority (through white privilege) seek to cover up the terrible truth of their misdeeds, much like in the good ole' days of the snivil rights movement white policemen would cover for their evil brethren in the Klan.

What made this case interesting was the extreme zeal with which the federal government - cheered on by the mainstream media - went after these two children. As the NYT reports, they and their enablees at La Raza saw this as "a test case for the national treatment of hispanics."

The reality fugitives at the Times are criminal in their failure to report the  facts behind this case, which can be read here. Once again, we see here the whimpering NWO disingenuous white liberals at Amerika's newspaper of record bending over backwards to pander to minorities and make native born Americans look violent and unenlightened.

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