Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tricky Nick Kristof Still Doesn't Get Haiti

In an op-ed piece published yesterday in Amerika's newspaper of record, Times communist and star  reality denialist Nicholas Kristof wrote about "Ladders for the Poor" in Haiti. 

In this predictably paternalistic tale of how all of Haiti's woes could be cured if only the evil White Western oppressors of Haiti (responsible for all of Haiti's woes in the first place) could only get it right, Kristof admonishes white people for not being as enlightened as him, and for not providing the kind of assistance that could actually put a stop to the seemingly unstoppable misery, as opposed to just making "bleeding hearts" feel good about themselves. 

From tricky Nick's sob-fest of an article:

"Private and public donations saved lives in Haiti, no question. But it’s also true that well-meaning bleeding-hearts tend to exaggerate the impact aid typically has on a country. Those nations that have managed to lift themselves out of poverty have done so mostly with trade, not aid — with giving people jobs and a ladder, not handouts and an elevator.
"On the other hand, stony-hearts mistakenly surrender hope. They see Haiti — or Africa — as a bottomless pit, a perennial hell impervious to progress. That doesn’t match reality either."

Um, yes, it does?

Notice the way that Kristof fails to mention what Haiti and Africa have in common.

Clueless, Dishonest, Or Both? We're Not Sure 

Kristof Says You Need To Buy Her A Ladder
From the article:

"So let me guide you to a village in the Haitian interior where I recently saw an aid program making a difference — by helping people help themselves. There are many variants of such programs around the world, but this one is run byFonkoze, a peasant bank that is one of the most admired aid organizations in Haiti. It was founded by a local Catholic priest, Father Joseph Philippe, who then recruited an American management consultant, Anne Hastings, to run it. Ms. Hastings went to Haiti for a temporary visit in 1995. She is still there.
"On a hillside in central Haiti, I met Odecile Jean, a 35-year-old woman with five children, ages 5 to 15. "
[Sound of screeching tires]

Five children! ?


Now, a responsible journalist, one not saddled by the strictures of NWO political correction, would have commented right then and there on the insanity of enabling a country filled with desperate people apparently too inept to even feed themselves (there were 10,000 charitable organizations operating in Haiti even before the earthquake - ten thousand) to continue to provide food aid so that single women there can continue to give burf to ten children or more. But for the do-gooders at the NYT, such observations of reality are out of the question. And this in spite of the fact that it has come to light, from MSNBC no less, that:

"Fueled in part by [...] sexual attacks, the birth rate in Haiti has tripled since the quake, climbing from 4 percent to 12 percent, according to population experts."

Twelve percent? Well, I guess that's progress, right?

After all, many of these hungry Haitians will wind up in the United States, where they will vote for the Democrats.

According to the CIA World Fact Book, Haiti has a population of about nine million. A twelve percent birth rate means that Haiti's population will DOUBLE in just nine years.

And the Times thinks that that is a good thing.

The New York Times: more insane by the day. 

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Anonymous said...

Great article. Haiti needs less people, not more. If we feed them they grow, like a chia pet. When natural disasters take their numbers down, we should consider it a good thing. Less people means less mouths to feed and a higher standard of living. Remember, after the bubonic plague came the renaissance. But with a 12 percent birthrate spike, haiti is slitting its own wrists, and will the western world's hellhole for decades to come.