Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, May 5, 2013

With Sinister Irony, The New York Times Publishes A Front Page Profile Piece Whose Title Describes Their Very Own Tactics

"The Dark Side, Carefully Masked"

This portrait of the Muslim bomber monster downplays the motivating role of Islam in the attacks, has zero problem with the Muslim monster bomber's Chechen parents' cheating the American asylum system, and generally is sympathetic to the person of the Muslim monster bomber from Boston, no I'm not going to bother attempting to spell his stupid Muslim name correctly.

A disgusting mud puppy from the Islamic turd world using stupid liberal ideals and policies endorsed by the fanatical diversity enforcers at the NYT to slash at the soft, pretty pale face of the West.

Vermin at the New York Times: you did this.


Anonymous said...

"Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society. When an immoral society has blatantly and proudly violated all the commandments, it insists upon one last virtue, tolerance for its immorality. It will not tolerate condemnation of its perversions. It creates a whole new world in which only the intolerant critic of intolerable evil is evil."
::Hutton Gibson.

Anonymous said...

About Islamic Jihad.[ Sufism and Islam are one and the same] :


About Dhimmitude and Sharia Law. The Muslims are agitating for Sharia Law in Europe -- for Everyone, even Non-Muslims.

There are very large numbers of Muslims in Europe now. They're still a minority however, still they're agitating for Sharia Law for everyone.


White it's true the Muslims aren't responsible for 9/11, it's also true they never renounce their Islamic Jihadists.

No Muslims renounce their Islamic Jihad in Europe, I notice. They're okay with that. The White Europeans are very much opposed to the Zionist wars in the Middle East, yet the Muslims still hate White Europeans. Yet, they never renounce their own Islamic Jihadists killing down Muslims [and plenty of Christians] in the Middle East

They'll be agitating for Sharia Law here in the States as their numbers increase, just as they are now doing in Europe.

From : Joe

Arcene Cotterell said...
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Arcene said...

"No Muslims renounce their Islamic Jihad in Europe, I notice."

How very wrong you are. I'm British with German and French Parents myself. Due to my fathers work spent my childhood living in several countries in Europe. As an adult I have also spent my career working around Europe for various software companies and game studios. I have met and worked with many Muslims as well as having made several friends who are Muslim. European Muslims constantly call out against the Jihadist's on TV, in the press, in public and private. The vast majority in Europe do not want sharia law either. As usual it is just a small minority that give the rest a bad name and fearful, uneducated, paranoid people who perpetuate that myth. Europeans see just as great a threat from many in the USA. Why you might ask? Because the USA is the only region in the world where religious fundamentalism reaches similar levels to that found in the Middle East and parts of Asia. Of course American fundamentalists do not recognise that as being the truth because they do not believe there is such a thing as a Christian fundamentalist, believing it to be a phenominon that only occurs within other religions or more specifically Islam.

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Anonymous said...

Good summary of the evil doings of the vermin at the New York Times.