Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bangladesh Building Collapse: You're Probably Wearing Socks That Were Stitched Together By These Poor People, Whom We Mourn...

But whether you're wearing Bangladeshi-produced socks or underwear, that's not really the point: the point is to understand why and how the NYT shapes public opinion not just in the USA, but in the entirety of the First World.

"17 Days In Darkness, A Cry Of 'Save Me,' And Joy"

Question : Why were so many Bangladeshis killed in the Rana Plaza building collapse?

Answer : Westerners (read: whites) needed cheap socks and shirts at WalMart.

Question : Why were so many of the victims of the building collapse unclaimed by relatives, and buried anonymously in mass graves?

Answer : Westerners (read: whites). White people not only created the conditions for Asians, formerly colonized by whites, to be able to dramatically increase life expectancy and have more children (hard support in the form of U.N.-mandated white Western food aid; soft support in the form of trickle-down technology transfers; soft support as well in the form of trickle-down cultural transfers (namely: the thousands of Bangladeshis educated in the West who return home with Western skills and Western notions of public policy);  but also, Westerners via manipulation through their elites created the outsourcing phenomena and the demand for cheap consumer goods that enabled the creation of hundreds of millions of dollar-twenty a day garment industry jobs ;

Question: If the people who write the editorials at the New York Times are so sanctimonious and holy, how could they countenance such a thing as dark-skinned Bangladeshis working slave hours for 41$ per month, as the NYT reports?

Answer: The NYT is a pernicious and evil institution, whose goal is to equalize humanity on a planetary scale on an incremental basis. It would be counter-productive for them to declare day after day on their front page: "Hey, it's just not right that these noble people who work  in the garment industry for 41 bucks a month, in order that evil white people might be able to clothe themselves for cheap at WalMart, continue to be exploited like this, it must stop Right NOW! No more seven dollar short-sleeve shirts at WalMart again. EVER! Free The Workers!!" Taking such a radical position would risk exposing the inherent HBD theoretical underpinnings of the globalization that the NYT works so rabidly to support.

IOW: In a sane society, the horrific death by crushing of over one thousand wage slaves in far-off lands would lead to serious, daily debate about the central causes of global inequality and the wealth and development inequality that results. But such a discussion would have to include bullet points on the now officially-discredited "Richwine model" of non-white Hispanic dysfunction, which as we have seen has until now been a very no-no, nyet-nyet subject indeed.

Just ax Rachel Maddow :
(Warning: watching may cause sickness)

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Oh and by the way: as always, for the spottest-most spot-on interpretation of the Jason Richwine scandal and the gloomy truth it illuminates in the shadows of the Dark Cathedral's darkest chapels, you must check out the ever-masterful Château his baddest-ass self :

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