Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Embarrassing, Revealing Tale Of The "Troubled", Half-Algerian Grandson Of Malcolm X : Oh, How The New York Times Wished It Weren't So

"Troubled Life In Malcolm X's Shadow Comes to A Violent End"

It seems that from Day One, this kid was playing the race card, and the verminous reality contortionists at the New York Times, as is their wont, were helping him every step of the way.

Malcolm X's Half-Algerian Illegitimate
Grandson Malcolm Shabazz, Photographed
By White DWL Fotog "X"

Twenty-eight years old when he was murdered by Mexicans in that capitol city four days ago, Malcolm "Shabazz" was the only child of single-mother Quibalah Shabazz (I know), who herself was one of six daughters born to Stick-Age communist racist Malcolm X.

Quibalah gave birth to son Malcolm Shabazz in Paris, which sounds exotic, but in fact it is way more pathetic and indicative of black dysfunction on a global scale than it is Jim Morrison chic: turns out Malcolm Jr. was the spawn of an Algerian man who was just, um, passing through, That's why Malcolm X's dead grandson has such strong afro-semitic features.

The New York Times of course was forced to write about Malcolm Shabazz in 1997 when at twelve years old, he set a fire to the Bronx apartment of his grandmum Betty, Malcolm's widow, that resulted in her death by burn wounds three weeks later.

It is worthwhile to note that the only reason that the young Shabazz was staying when he was 12  with his grandmammy and not with his birth mother Quibalah, is that his mum had been nabbed by the FBI for her role in an assassination plot against Louis Farrakhan, HNIC of the Nation Of Islam, for which she pleaded guilty.

After being locked up in 97' as a pre-pubescent troublemaker for 3.5 years (his arson sentence was actually only 18 months in juvie, but he kept escaping and assaulting guards and others), the Great Snivel Rights Leader's grandson emerged from prison with an ankle bracelet, and in record time he was back in the clink (after a violent street robbery).

During one those incarcerations, in 2003, Malcolm X's grandson wrote a letter to NYT reporter  Michael Wilson, who had just published an article on the jailed Shabazz after travelling to Attica in upstate NY to visit him behind bars. A revealing portion of that letter reads as follows :


Keep in mind that this is a letter from a kid (19 when he wrote it) who had been convicted of murdering his grandmother by burning her to death. As you can see, not a lot of refgret,. not a lot of remorse, not a lot of contrition. Rather, it all seems to be : "Me victim, me victim, me victim."

Kind of like his grandpappy?

Look, I'm not trying to be a dick. To be sure the poor kid had a rough childhood (which is sorta like saying that a mosquito whose family members were frequently eaten by spiders, is not guilty of murder when that mosquito infects a human with Malaria) {bad analogy, hey I tried}, but the whitewashing of his criminal tendencies which seem to be practically genetic in nature, is a dangerous thing for a society to do.


But COTT doth digress.

We found this interesting portrait of the young ex- and future-criminal Malcolm Shabazz at NewsOne dot calm, an illustrious online publication at least in the Predictable Category:

"Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson Of Malcolm X, Is Dead At 28"

From a long interview with young Malcolm from that News One article, this one paragraph below in particular is hauntingly revealing of the African American experience in America, and seems to echo with almost supernatural poignancy the central theme of FDR's 1936 Slave Narratives WPA project, namely: "We was better off when we had a white master" :
All my life, I’ve had [moments where] I’ve lived in the lap of luxury in the Trump Towers and not wanted for a single thing. And the very next day I’m [living in] a slum in a gang-infested Philly neighborhood, eating fried dough three times a day. One minute, I’m in a situation with structure and discipline. The next minute I’m running the streets with no supervision at all. One of my aunts has a friend who is very devoted to his children. I was hanging out with them one day and all he talked about was [their] schedule and sports and taking his kids here and there. I wish I had that. I wish I had someone whose purpose in life was to take care of me. That’s how white people do it. They plan for [their] kids. We don’t. That’s cause we don’t plan our kids. I wasn’t planned.

Yes, COTTers, words from the mouth of the progeny of the great Malcolm X himself: "I wish I had someone to take care of me."

The New York Times: Behold What You Have Wrought


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Manning Johnson was a black Communist - a card carrying member of the Communist party in the US.

He went on to renounce Communism. He saw clearly how the top Communist party officials were using him as a patsy and a clown. He renounced Communism and went on to speak honestly about how the Communist Party uses blacks as pawns :


raya said...

aal I can syay is that the person who made this post is the worst idea of an American.people do many things but to talk about a person not knowing them personally is a disgrace let him have peace because UNFORTUNATELY BEING THE HEIR TO SUCH A GREAT CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, he couldn't find peace. Also get your facts straight asshole..you didn't know Malcolm..you are evil but God knows th devil is a liar

Anonymous said...


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Of course, the Communist New York Times will never tell the truth about what truly happened concerning the Communist Party's black panthers.

From : Joe