Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, May 24, 2013

London Beheading: Facebook Footage Shows Exterminating The Vermin

What white Britons are slowly awakening to is the horrific reality that these utterly unassimilable Nigerian jihadist orcs are unlimited in number, and becoming fully un-extinguishable as a locust-like satanic force on a planetary scale, as a tiny minority among the policy-makers of the West continues to push to feed their kind with Western food aid, so that back home Nigerian women can boast the world's second highest fertility rate, with yes about seven children per female uterus.

What you have to understand about the London beheaders: these creatures are not like their victim; they are tens of thousands of years if not more behind their victim and his kin on a purely evolutionary level. They do not value life the same way Westerners do. The difference that liberals love to hate, is what makes these people so utterly dangerous. And they are absolutely unlimited in a purely numerological sense. Africa tipped the one billion mark on the Afrometer in 2010;  you can be sure that 95% of every single new additional African child was the direct result of white Western food aid. Virtually every percentile of the rest of the increase in population was the indirect result of Western technology: medicine and infrastructure, etc.

Thanks Bill and Melinda ! Great work we say !!

Keep in mind: unlike the United States, Britain was 100% white until 1948, when the very first boatload of diversity from Jamaica showed up.

The name of the ship was the MV "Empire Windrush", aptly named I am not sure. It carried almost 500 enrichers from Jamaica which though bad, is not nearly as bad as Nigeria.

From Daily Mirror: the vid of the two surplus Nigerian hominids, wholly produced, clothed, grain-fed and raised on British Imperial guilt, being made not-quite-good by an all-Brit metro police car-full of coppers :

Video here.


Anonymous said...

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Wake up white women !!

Anonymous said...

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