Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well, This Is Embarrassing: Google Somehow Gobbles Up A Very Long Post From Earlier Tonight Entitled: "Unbelievable Snivel Rights Status-Whoring By The Afrophiliac Reality-Reversers At The New York Times"

We spent a while putting this post together, too.


In addition to the article cited below, in this scrubbed post we also discussed:

- James Bevel (close MLK associate, died 2008 in prison, raped his own daughters)
- Tyrone Brooks (MLK "street soldier", convicted of gibs me dat fraud in Georgia, object of the Kim Severson article cited below)
- Kim Severson (man-jawed gender-neutral NYT journalist who wrote the piece in question)
- Nathaniel Mills (white Olympic speed skater married to Bevel's besmudged daughter, Jamese' [seriously], who later changed her name to "Aaralyn Bevel", then to "Aaralyn Mills", as in: "Mrs. Aaralyn (Aryan?) Nathaniel Mills")
- Phoebe Mills (gymnast sister of Nate, won bronze for U.S. in Seoul, 1988)
- Emmit Till (future rapist killed in 1955 before he was able to actually rape anyone; father hung by Army in 1945 for raping and murdering Italian women)
- Rudyard Kipling (his name keeps popping up a lot these days)

Anyway, this is the first time in nearly four years of using blogger that a post in progress has completely disappeared. Usually Blogger is really good about automatically saving works in progress; this might have had something to to with opening the site simultaneously in multiple browsers.

Oh well. We will finish the post on Kim Severson's article tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can almost figure out what the whole thing is about by this, simply:

"Civil Rights Firebrand's Fraud Case In Georgia Now Has Others Treading Softly"by Kim Severson (seen here:)

From the article :

Again, there's a lot to say about this piece. We said it before, but sorry, Google gobbled it all up. 

We'll re-do it again tomorrow. 

Washington Post article on MLK right-hand man and convicted muh dik incest rape ape James Bevel: "A Father's Shadow". (Winky winky: kinda like Severson's NYT puff piece, this WaPo article begins with the words: "He [Bevel] was a civil rights hero." {chortle} ). 

James Bevel's daughter Aaralyn Mills : 

The New York Times: God Dangit Google Gobbled My Punch Line ! 

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