Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Chekist" (1992), Full Movie

This Russian film from two decades ago depicts the murderous zealotry of Marx's communist ideal.

The film takes place in about 1920 in a Russian town unnamed. There the local Chekist at the head of the local branch of the Soviet state security organization created by Lenin to crush "counter-revolutionary" activities, oversees the systematic execution of hundreds or more of his fellow countrymen.

After the execution of Tsar Nicholas and his family, the revolutionary bolsheviks went after mostly aristocrats, mercantile-types, and clergymen. Many of the murdered in "The Cheklist" are well-dressed bourgeois types representative of this target group.

With utter and drama-free Russian bluntness, this film illustrates what happens when an entire civilization is pissed off about something. Not to sound extreme, but it's almost like there is something healthy in the early soviets' designs to change society.


In the West today, the rage that broils just below the surface of every Western people, has for a long time been falsely diverted towards pseudo-threats such as global warming, obesity, second-hand tobacco smoke, seatbelt enforcement and road safety, etc..

Whereas in reality, the biggest threat to the West today is painfully and obviously to all Those Who Can See,  strictly demographic in nature.

When in London over half the population is now foreign-born, and where the most popular name for newborns is Muhammed, and where close to 80% of all births are to non-white, non-British mothers, then clearly we have a serious problem. Especially when this pattern repeats itself in virtually every "Western" country on the planet ! 

But instead of concentrating on the real source of the Decline, Western elites direct the natural, surging rage of their people into such safe haven issues as child safety seats, minority uplift, animal rights, prosecution for possession of pornography, etc ect.

With the film "Chekist," somehow it is deeply reassuring - while at the same time being horrible beyond comprehension - to realize that not even a century ago,  Eastern Europeans went to insanely extreme lengths to ensure the supremacy of their ideals.

"The Chekist" (1992) 


Anonymous said...

Spot on analysis.

I only wish that your blog was read by every single client of Drudge, and he like.


- Anon from Anon

Arturo de Gheaubinoo de Fleurieu said...

Attention Anon 2:28am:

If that is your wish, then help me make it happen:

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The News York Times is a sick and evil institution that is a cog in a sinister anti-Western machine.

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Anonymous said...

The "supremacy" of their ideals was based on Existentialism.

Existentialism comes to us from the Kaballah/Sufism and was started by Sabbatean Jews, and passed into Western culture via Freemasons/Satanists of all stripes.

To "ensure the supremacy" of their ideals, their godless Existentialism, they killed tens of millions of white Caucasians, mostly Christians.

Millions upon millions of white Christians were killed in the 20th century in "insanely extreme lengths" to ensure godless Existentialism would be the ontology/metaphysics/eschatology of Western culture, as opposed to Christianity, the traditional foundation of Western culture.

The Communists and the Nazis of the 20th century were the epitome of Hegelian Dialectics. The synthesize of Communism and Nazism is the ascendant Zionism of today.

The Communist and the Nazis -- both godless existentialists -- brought nothing but massive death to the white race. Millions upon millions of whites were killed in the 20th century -- many millions killed before ever reproducing -- an Eternal Loss for the White Race ; The very reason we are now losing Europe and all other formerly white countries to the third world.

Sometime in the late 19th century, the white race collectively renounced Christianity en-masse, and en-masse took up Existentialism, both Communism and Nazism were/are based on Existentialism. It's been down hill for the White Race ever since.

The New Age culture of today is also based on Existentialism. Both the Communists and the Nazis ushered in the Existentialist New Age culture, and the Zionist New World Order [same thing].

Existentialism is a fusion of Sufism and Kaballah. Two mainstays of Satanism.

There's no spiritual power in Existentialism to defeat the Zionist New World Order. As the White Race worships Existentialism, we worship the religion of our racial adversaries -- that's EXACTLY why we're losing our countries, we worship the religion of our racial adversaries : Jewish Kabbalah and Islamic Sufism, in other words, Existentialism.

In the meantime, the godless Existentialist Whites abort their own White Children and don't think twice about it, while our White countries are being over-run with Third World foreigners.

As they say in my hometown of New York City : fuggedaboutit.

From : Joe