Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, March 16, 2012

With Ball-Busting Sneakiness, The Lying Diversity Kommissars At The New York Paint An Altogether False Picture Of Last Year's London Riots

Creeping incrementalism, and true to form in their furtherance of Doctor Goebbel's Golden Propaganda Rule : "Tell a lie long enough, and it will become the truth."

Every single article relating to the Tottenham riots written but this little worm John Burns, attempts to play down the true ethnic nature of the "disturbances." He describes Mark Duggan - the armed ghetto dweller who was killed by London cops, who used to be kindly, quaint and unarmed but now carry weapons because of the presence of the Mark Duggans Burns defends - as an oppressed youth needlessly gunned down by racist white cops. It is unbelievable, the lies that shamelessly come out of this disgusting rag.

I called out Burns on his unfair reporting by email, and he quickly replied with a squealing retort (guilty conscious?), claiming that it was I the weasel because I voiced my disapproval from behind the safety of my computer screen, whatever that means.

For an excellent analysis of the Tottenham riots, and the deteriorating state of civil society in England today, please check out "The Baggage of the World" from our friends over at Sarah, Maid Of Albion.

From "Baggage" :

In light of Sarah's piece above, an interesting historical fact relative to Enoch Powell's famous "Rivers of Blood Speech": the night of the speech and in the days that followed, Powell's office was flooded with thousands of telegrams and hundreds of letters. Ninety-seven percent were in support of Powell and his message. And yet the elites in the British government not only silenced Powell by removing him from his MP post, they also did the exact opposite of Powell, the anti-elites and the vast majority of British society were calling for, namely steep reductions in Third World immigration.

If you believe John Burns and the ravenous reality reversers at the New York Times, you probably think I'm lying, right?


Source is here.

The New York Times: Outright Lies In The Name Of The Great Replacement Agenda Since 1973.

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Maxwell Cornelius said...

Doesn't that just perfectly fit the narrative the fucking scum at the Times want to project: innocent Malaysian (Muslim) mugging victim, evil white male attacker.

One day these yids are going to have to pay.

It's coming, that day.