Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 17, 2012

De-Irishing The Irish on Saint Patty's Day

"It's About Immigrants, Not Irishness"

From the article :

That's right. Some more:

 TDTC (too depressed to comment)



Denise said...

Howdy! Sliante

Anonymous said...

St Pat was English

#2..only 2 countries with ancor baby statutes,
US and Erie!


It is a story that should describe all newcomers to America. This March 17, on this side of the water, we ought to be celebrating immigration, not just Irishness

rjp said...

Hispanics and Somalis

No, mestizos and niggers.

Cultures that refuse to give up their "nativeness".

I follow under another name BTW.

Anonymous said...

Saint Padraic was not "English," you idiot, because in his time the Angles and Saxons (Germano-"English") had not yet invaded Celtic Britain.

Padraic was indeed from the island part of which we now call "England" (ie he was not from the island we call Eire or Ireland), nevertheless he was a Celt, not a Sassenach.

-- oscar the grinch

Anonymous said...

And Israel doesn't want any more Africans there not to even mention Palestinians. What's wrong with those Israelis? They are very unwelcoming.

Anonymous said...

this is for you..blog owner..
lest you miss it in the news....

As Black as We Wish to Be
Published: March 16, 2012

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That shift is expected to change the way test scores are categorized, altering racial disparities and affecting funding for education programs. For this reason and others, the N.A.A.C.P. and some black members of Congress have expressed concern that African-Americans are at risk of being undercounted as blacks compete more than ever with other minorities and immigrants for limited resources and influence.

Interracial Marriage Seen Gaining Wide Acceptance (February 16, 2012)

Scholars have long maintained that race is merely a social construct, not something fixed into our nature, yet this insight hasn’t made it any less of a factor in our lives. If we no longer participate in a society in which the presence of black blood renders a person black, then racial self-identification becomes a matter of individual will.

Anonymous said...

While NYT pretends to think that all hoomans everywhere are the same, it's different as always in Israel:
In January, the Knesset passed an amendment to a fifty-year-old law against “infiltrators”—persons crossing into Israel illegally. The original law targeted citizens and residents of “enemy states”—in other words, armed and unarmed Palestinian refugees slipping across the newly established border. The amendment removes the focus on “enemy state,” effectively criminalizing anyone seeking asylum in Israel—including thousands of refugees who have fled the genocide in Darfur and now face a minimum of three years of detention. The law also has no age bar, meaning that young children and the elderly can also be placed in detention. Yet despite protests from civil society activists and well-known public figures, who described the law as unbefitting a state founded by refugees, only eight of the Knesset’s 120 members voted against the amendment.

Other recently passed legislation includes a law that prescribes the withdrawal of government funding to any organization or institution marking Israel’s Independence Day as an occasion for mourning; a law allowing communities in the Negev and Galilee regions that are smaller than 400 households to refuse to accept new residents on the basis of race, faith, and other collective identifications; a law that allows any settler who claims economic injury (even if without proof) from a call to boycott settlement produce to sue the organizers of the boycott for damages; and a law binding migrant workers’ visas to their initial employers—effectively rendering them unable to quit a job for fear of being instantly deported. Yet another recent law allows the revocation of citizenship from any person convicted of terrorism or espionage. (The espionage charge was most recently applied to IDF whistle blower Anat Kamm, who passed classified information on what she believed were war crimes not to a foreign agent, but to an Israeli journalist, and now is serving a four and a half year prison sentence; under the new law she could have also lost her citizenship.)

Among pending proposals is a bill, already making its way through the Knesset, that would impose a 45 percent income tax on organizations receiving donations from “foreign state entities” but not state sponsorship. This category includes nearly all Israeli civil and human rights organizations, such as Association for Civil Rights Israel, B’tselem, and Physicians for Human Rights, and the proposed tax would effectively cripple their activities. Another bill, already past first reading, is aimed to increase the penalty for defamation from around $12,000 to $80,000, likely to result in a significant chilling effect on Israel’s independent press, perhaps most especially on the growing Israeli blogosphere.


Liberty's Lady said...

Preach your "open borders" drivel, NYT when the "social safety net" is completely dismantled. Until I am no longer forced to reach deep into my pocket to pay for schooling (indoctrination), healthcare, food, shelter, ad nauseum of others who do not care to work or find a suitable marketable skill to support themselves, I will continue to be "anti-immigrant" in your Orwellian speak.

captcha: oufat. lol!