Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, March 16, 2012

War Of The Diversities: The Rainbow-Flag-Waving Civilization Wreckers At The New York Times Bust Out The Party Balloons As The Rutgers Diversity Accused Of Bullying The Wrong Diversity Is Found Guilty Of Hate Bullying (Whatever That Means)

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"Defendant in Rutgers Spying Case Guilty of Hate Crimes"

Impossible hypocrite pussies that they are, the Diversity Enforcers of Forty-Second Street have officially made their position on Protected Pet Minority Status clear: it's gay diversity over ethnic diversity, Whoo-Hah ! 

The pugnacious propaganda profferers at Amerika's newspaper of record have been obsessing over the whole Rutgers so-called gay-bashing incident from day one. For those of you who've been on a sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic since 1968, a quick summary: Indian (Dot not Feather) import and Rutgers diversity student Dharun Ravi, two years ago was creeped out by his creepy gay white roommate Tyler Clementi and the latter's even creepier association with a 30 year old homosexual with whom even Creepier-er was meeting in the Rutgers students' shared dorm for butt-thex. The Indian (Dot not Feather) trained the web-cam on his Chinese-built Dell computer on the lower bunk, and alerted his University buds (mostly fellow diversities) to tune in for full-on gross-out. 

They did. Suicidal white kid who probably would have snuffed it sooner or later anyways, snuffs it the next day, from the pedestrian platform of the George Washington Bridge, the New York Times and the GBLT community the Times basically lives for went berserk. I mean Crazy, with a capital "C". 

Take home : The NYT cares more about suicidal fags than Indians (Dot not Feather). 


From the article : 

Mr. Ravi’s roommate, Tyler Clementi, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge three days after Mr. Ravi viewed him on the webcam. The case became a symbol of the struggles facing gay, lesbian and bisexual teenagers and the problem of cyberbullying in an era when laws governing hate crimes have not kept up with evolving technology.

The New York Times: When It Comes To Choosing Which Pet Minorities They Really Care About, It Looks Like: Fag, Yes√; Indians (Dot Not Feather), Not So Much ;-( .


Marco said...

Spot-on analysis as always Good Sir !

Anonymous said...

Please show me how to follow your blog, and please don't shut down. My husband and I visit you every day.

Artur said...

To anon 11:41:

Just click on the follow button on the right of the screen.

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- Arturo

Anonymous said...

I see white christian males
and US citizens dont get respect here..
if they be gay...


the creep was the immigrant

rjp said...

Heerz what day be teeshin at RutgArs:

Instructor: Professor Alvin B.Tillery, Jr.

I saw the commentary on ABC after the verdict came out ....

"Bias Intimidation" will be the death of America anywhere there are niggers, faggots, and other "protected classes". Businesses will be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Now that we are coming up to an anniversary of the Duke Lacrosse rapehoax I remembered something important about lesbian man hater selena roberts but then I forgot it.