Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 31, 2012

As Marine Le Pen Shakes Up The Old-World NWO In France, The New York Times Conspicuously And Criminally Underreports Her Reach

Steven Erlanger (email him here) is the Times' main man in France. As such, he has of course been covering the phenomenal avancée dans les sondages (surging in the polls) of Marine LePen,  the 42-year old daughter of National Front founder Jean Marine LePen, who is perhaps the most detested public figure in all of France, as decided by the media elites there.

You may remember the pitiful case of Dominique Strauss Kahn, from last summer. This disgusting little French Socialist Party pervert was busted at the Sofitel in New York City last May for allegedly coaxing some even-more disgusting West-african immigrant asylum cheat invader room-cleaning diversity pig, Diaffoo Whatever, to going down on his wilting, graying member in a 3k-a night suite.

Gawd!, it's all so effing gross.

Turns out that after being released from Riker's Island, Strauss Kahn - who it was all but a given that this POS was going to be the next president of France (with the solid backing of the NWO diversity fanatics at the New York Times)  - went on national tv and told the Katie Couric of France (Laurence Ferrarri) that he had made a grave "moral error" (by coming in the mouth of an African maid/prostitute) then went on to say on the national nightly news with a straight face that the sure and only answer for all of France's woes was (wait for it) more immigration. 


So as the French are finally starting to wake up to what is really going on, and you have a proper nationalist candidate who has a real chance of making historic gains in the upcoming APril 26th French presidential election, naturally the verminous reality contortionists at Amerika's Newspaper of Record are doing everything they can to downplay the very real ascendancy of Marine Le Pen (who by the way if you speak French - or even if you don't - check her out on You Tube. This woman is a powerhouse of an orator and a debater, you will see this irregardless of your political leanings).

Here's but a tiny example of the disgusting ideological double-play coming from the NYT, in their criminal attempt to silence-out the understandable rise of Marine Le Pen in the polls in France :

Quoi? No one is suggesting that the candidates inspired French-Algerian anti-semite Mohammed Merah to shoot an 8-year-old girl in the head (after her grabbing her by the hair to get a better shot) ?

That is exactly what the New York Times is doing here.

Mister Erlanger: if you're reading this: you Sir are guilty of criminal disinformation. One day soon you will be judged for your crimes.

The New York Times: Sicking The Verminous Lying Steven Erlangers Of This Planet Upon An Otherwise Wise And Peaceful Earth Since 1999.

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Maxwell said...

Marine 2012 !

Attention ! Une grande surprise est à l'horizon pour les élites.

- Maxwell