Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beating Inequality Over The Head With A Very Large Stick

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"E.U. Considers Quotas For Women In Boardrooms"

From the article :

Amazingly, this article generated the following comment (amazing that the diversity enforcers at the Times allowed it to be published - maybe it was a mistake?) :

  • Judy Shimkus
  • St Louis, MO
Yes, but there will always be inequality, no matter what opportunities are offered to everyone. People are not equally endowed with intelligence, aptitude, energy and the "work ethic", to mention a few things. 

Poverty and inequality will never go away. How could they?

The New York Times: Prosecuting A War On The Natural Order Since 1923. 


rjp said...

I like seeing more womens names in comment sections at places like AmRen, it means some have them have finally had enough of black male behavior, and probably a more than few of them have had to work with AA females.

rjp said...

In my comment, AA means Affirmative Action .... aa would mean african american.

Anonymous said...

The Khmer rouge enforced equality on every Cambodian peasant. 3 million died.

Chairman Mao enforced equality on the Chinese peasantry. 30 million died.

Lenon & then Stalin enforced equality on the Russian peasantry. 62 million died.

Can anyone seen a pattern here.

On another gripe, A appeal by a Irish charity called troclair just caught my eye on the telly. They want donations from that globally hated minority know as evil whitey to buy the most basic of farm equipment for villages in stone age Africa.
Well its more mud age than stone age if their architecture is the rule of thumb.

Anyway the TV pictures pan around a mud village that is surrounded by barren uncultivated land. The voice on the telly dutifully informs us that if we send them basic tools they might even get of their collective lazy asses and help themselves by growing their own food.

In another troclair advert they are appealing for volunteers to go over to Africa and dig wells so that the villagers can access clean water rather than the buckets filled with brown filth that they usally drag back from the river bank.

Yet no one dares to ask why they didn't dig their own wells or make themselves basic farm equipment so that they could cultivate the land.