Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...

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"Resentment Towards The West Bolsters Uganda's New Anti-Gay Bill"

So this is how it ends: insane NWO competitive compassion contestants in the West pushing civilization-destroying homosexuality in the four corners of the globe. Even the tiniest resistance is met with punishing sanctions.

Somebody needs to send a memo to the New York Times and the USG whose policies are informed by the NYT' propaganda: you cannot upend primitive societies using the same formulas you have used to destroy the West. Funny the way that works (irony alert!) : if the Times would put aside their own HBD-denying policies for a moment, they could be a lot more effective in moulding African "society" to their designs, as they have done everywhere in the West.

The Times and the USG are caught up here in the contradictions of their own egalitarian. They're telling their pets and protectees the Africans:  if you won't accept sodomy lying down (pun), then we'll be cutting off the financial aid that allows you to have have indoor toilets, antiretroviral drugs, and high-speed internet.

Not the food aid that keeps you plump and healthy enough to speed breed, no, that after all is your human right.

This is more evidence that the West's way of dealing with Africans is akin to an out of touch, mega rich white guy whose wife left him, and who punishes his daughter's bad behavior by taking away her American Express card, but leaving her with the Lexus SUV and a Prada purse full of cash.

From the article :

And: though everybody knows that blacks in Africa and in America too claim to be vehemently opposed to the Down Lo lifestyle, since this group can do no wrong in the eyes of the Times regardless of their continent of residence, the verminous reality reversers of Forty Second Street have to place blame where blame is always due when it comes to black dysfunction: on evil whitey (who else?): 

And: the face of who is really behind this sinister campaign: 


Anonymous said...

Why are these psychos pushing the gay agenda with such gusto?

When will they be happy? What will it take?

Kevin MacDonald writes about this. As much as I hate to blame them, I fear that it is in fact the Jews that are behind this deconstruction of Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone reading on here to click over to theroot.com – the 24/7 blame whitey site founded by Louis “Yo Mama” Gates of the beer summit fame.

Please leave sensible, well-reasoned comments. You will find, alas, that the rebuttals will be lacking in depth. For example, to the comment I posted below, the only answer from the great minds at Da Root was: “Two words: Moron alert.”


Here’s my comment to the Root on “When Sorry Isn’t Enough For Racism”. (Btw: how many of you reading on here have noticed the peculiar black affinity for writing convoluted, barely logical sentences? Even the title of the root article I mention reveals this unique negro attribute: in just a few short words, the writer makes it clear to non-blacks that he (or she) struggles with the most basic meaning of the words being used. “When Sorry Isn’t Enough For Racism”: okay, you get what they’re trying to say. But with black writing there is Always, ALWAYS this slightly awkward stringing together of words. It’s like they’re fighting with the concepts the words represent. What’s truly amazing is that EVERY article on the Root has this exact same pattern. No further proof needed that this stuff is hard-wired.

Check it out and report back.


My comment on the Root (and yeah, I know it’s a little mean. I don’t like being a dick. But I swear if you go the root and read all the blame-whitey comments, they just kind of get you in a vendetta kind of mood):


It is highly entertaining to observe lesser-evolved humanoids on this site comment on the state of “white racism” in the US today. They are children in adults’ bodies; the peculiarly unique way they write is one of the many, many things that makes this abundantly clear.

I don’t hate blacks, I hate black behaviour (TNB) and the outrageous uppitiness of blacks, that is inspired by a hatred for his father – the white man – and a raging jealousy of the White Man’s achievements, and resentment towards the White Man’s munificence and paternalistic ways.

Anonymous said...

Whites have spent a trillion dollars trying to uplift blacks since the invidious Snivel Rights era, and the results in 2012 are an irrefutable indictment of the good-natured gullibility of Whites, and the monumental stupidity, violence, and unassimilability of blacks.

Were Africa not in our midst, we might well have made it to Mars by now with that trillion blown on blacks.

Yes, if I were black I would rag on whites too – what else can they do? Say ‘thank you for saving us from the Stone Age’? Not likely to happen.

The only way negroes can affirm some sort of positive identity is in a calculus of rebellion and resentment. Blacks are the way that they are because they are biologically different from other races – a full-blooded negro’s brain is some 120 grams lighter than the brain of a White Man or a Chinaman. The reasons for this disparity were common knowledge in the mid-19th and early-20th century, the heyday of so-called scientific racism; one need only glance at the works of Samuel Morton, Arthur de Gobineau, Madison Grant, William Hannibal Thomas, Hesketh Prichard and the like, to see what we’re talking about here. Back in the day, it was commonly accepted that negroes were from an evolutionary point of view, one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand years behind other races, and hence midway in their physical and cognitive development between the White Man and the higher primates, a common-sense fact that is confirmed by simple observation. In effect the works of Samuel Morton told us that the negro cranium, while 20% less voluminous than the White Man’s, also exhibits a slope (prognathous – thrusting forward of the lower jaw) of some 72 degrees, as compared with 80 degrees on average for the White Man, and 60 degrees for the gorilla. Simple observation of a negro profile will confirm this today, even though American africans are on average endowed with 17% White European DNA: while the “double chin” is common in the white man, in the negro profile, one tends to see the chin sloping the other way, namely *upward* from the tip of the chin to the point where the jaw meets the neck. Look for yourselves next time you’re in Wal Mart.

None of this is presented here for purposes of hatred or division; rather, these undeniable statements of fact are part of the “Discussion On Race” that Eric “My People” Holder is insisting we have.

We want blacks to live alongside other races in a more civil manner; in order for this to be possible, certain indivisible realities must be acknowledged first.

Anonymous said...



political correctness/open season on Christianity.

I don't watch TV at home. I hope someone will post/tell me which businesses are sponsoring this program so I can contact and boycott them. Thanks

rjp said...

Really, we should be encouraging blacks to stop hiding "on the Down Low" and fully accept homosexuality. While it will be an economic sledge hammer initially, it will eventually result in an unshackling.