Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Epic Blame-Shift Fail From The Incorrigible Afrophiliacs At The New York Times

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"Drug Policy As Race Policy: Best Seller Galvanizes The Debate"

"New Orleans Police Say Officer In Shootout Found Bullet Inside His Taser"

The verminous majority-hating afrophile reality contortionists at the New York Times have twice in the past week given voice to a race-hustling light-skinned professional black woman named Michelle Alexander, who just published a book - entitled "The New Jim Crow" - which seeks to place the blame for America's over-the-top incarceration rates on evil  "systemic racism."

Miss Alexander is one of those race-hustlers à la Louis Gates that the Times just loves loves loves.

She claims that the "War on Drugs" disproportionately targets young men of color, blah blah blah.

Michelle Alexander's Blame-Whitey
For Negro Criminality Screed 

The problem I have with the race-reality deniers and their enablers at the New York Times, is that on a weekly basis, here in New Orleans, I read stories such as this:

"20 Year-Old Black Male Burger King Employee Shot Dead By Cops After He Empties 14-Bullet Clip  In Deadly Shootout".

So on the one hand, you have barely twenty-year old ICBMs (inner city black males), on their way to mopping the floors at Burger King, who think nothing of an early-morning shootout with the cops, which is the norm.

On the other hand, you have NYT-supported disingenuous race-hustlers like Michelle Alexander, who have full license to explain away the innate criminality of the young african american male, as this criminality is wholly encouraged by the policy-influenzers at such treasonous publications as the New York Times.

It is precisely because of the propaganda that spews forth from the pages of the NYT every day, that such criminality is not only commonplace, it is accepted by the masses as a necessary pathology rooted in white social racial dysfunction.

From a NYT review of Michelle Alexander's book :
BUT, from the most recent NOLA.com (Times Picayune) story of the type of barbaric violent criminality here in New Orleans that results from the blame-shifting and reality-reversal commonly excused away by the afro-uplift lunatics at the New York Times :

Watch the video of one of the dead chillens grandmammies :

More New Orleans crime (search to watch video screen-shot below)  :

"Officer With Search Warrant Shoots, Kills 20-Year-Old Man"
Grandmother  New Orleans Fatal Shooting Victim Wendell Allen
Speaks To The Press: Click Here to Watch Vid
 (The New Orleans Crimes Picayune
 Is Not Sophisticated Enough To Enable Embedding)
PS: listen carefully (twice) to this woman's testimony.
 She states that there were eleven
(11 FFS!) children in the house at the time of the shooting. 

The problem alas is intractable. When you look at this video of this grieving grandmother claiming her  daughter's bastard spawn "din do nuffins," it is clear as a bell for all Those Who Can See that this poor oppressed government-sustainee (housed, fed, clothes at taxpayer expense) is more concerned with assigning blame for the good chillen's untimely death (yes, she actually says, at minute .25 "I want da Man, to come and tell me, that it was justified, to go into that house, and kill all dem little babies. Dey was five littel ones inside. Das his mama house. Talk to the coaches in the basketball field. He a basketball playah he a football playah") than she is concerned with the fact that there has been a death in the fambly. In other words: and the New York Times will never touch on this with a ten foot pole: blacks do not seem to value the lives of their own kind, the way other people (asians, whites, etc.) do. It's weird the way that works.

To conclude: I'm sorry: but once again the New York Times is turning the reality of the issue upside-down.

In a sane society, a nation's newspaper of record would be talking honestly about the factors that lead a high-crime minority to wipe itself out practically, through gun violence.

But America, indeed the West, is not sane. The West is more un-sane thank insane.

The New York Times: Un-Sane Since 1965.


Anonymous said...

prof cartwright?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the whole point of treating selling crack cocaine more harshly the fact that blacks, such as that crack ho who had the half mast flag for her funeral, use more than anyone else?

Then Justice Department are criticised for these very same laws because blacks are the majority suppliers.
(Or should that be suppliars?)

(What is with the invent an afrikkan-American name captcha?)

M.G. said...

Very much enjoyed the Detroit film, too bad the narration completely misses the boat (racist Whites fled harmless Blacks! How could they!). But the images alone tell all the story that needs to be told. The juxtaposition of yesteryear's busy streets bustling with Euro-Americans, next to today's crumbling sidewalks navigated by aimlessly lumbering Afros: Powerful.

Ca y est,, Marine got her 500 signatures and thus Sarko has cranked up the anti-immigrant rhetoric even more. Only two months to go, we shall see if 2002 repeats itself...

As for translation, I looked into it a while back, but was told that the internet has really killed the market for first-world translators. Legions of Eastern Europeans, Indians, Africans etc. willing to translate for fractions of a penny per word. I hear it's a tough slog these days.

Bon courage!

Those Who Can See