Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Times Covers Up The Incredible Social Dysfunction Behind This 25-Year Old Baby Mama Drowns Her Keeds Story

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In a sane society, the newspaper of record would report - even obliquely - on the fact that the tragic mammy in question - 25 year-old Lashanda Armstrong - was a tiny bit unique, in that her ten-year-old son, La’Shaun, who was able to swim out da' window of his murderous mammy's tax-payer paid minivan to swim to safety while his mama and his three half-siblinglings from a ho lotta differnt man folks, was most likely conceived when Lashanda was fourteen, perhaps even 13 years old. 

Now, forgive me for sounding overly cynical in the wake of a river-tragedy: But c'mon, would it not be normal and sane and healthy, in a sane society, to inquire just a little further into reasons behind the death by mammy-cide of these three poor little chirren, whose mammy was first impregnated at the tender age of fourteen, (and possibly even 13), and then egged on and encouraged by a sick society to continue to reproduce more illegitimate offspring of so many diverse and unrelated baby-daddies? 

I know it might sound a little heartless, but is this not at least a question to be axed? 

How can a modern society survive, when 13 year-old girls are not only taught that it is perfectly okay to have sex and sheet and reproduce early and without any matrimonial ties whatsoever, but also, that to engage in such wild, feral bevaviour will result in a guaranteed federal stimulus check, that will allow said teen-baby machine to purchase a sail phone, a sofa set, and even a mini-van complete with multi-CD changer and the ultimate option to use taxpayer-financed gasoline to  drive said minivan  into the Hudson or any other suitable body of water wit dem keeds in it. 

How is this possible, for a modern society to survive in these circumstances ? 

Answer: Can't. Won't. Shouldn't. 

Society can have a Space Program or a coddled minority population. It's one or the other, but not both. 

"Woman Tells Of Boy's Pleas After Four Drownings

The Child on Top Was Named:
"Lance Pierre." Did Laushaunda Realize The
Incredible Irony Of "lance-pierre" Meaning "Slingshot"  in French?
We're Guessing, No. 


Samny said...

How heartless of you to make fun of dem por little babies.

Black, white, yeloow, purple, it don';t matter none NO at all. Y'heard?

Dem'z was some sadness there that led tghat poor lady to have to drown them poor babies.

Them babies just as goos as you, mister.

Stop it with dis racist pst and sheet, you cannot say we is all the God's chose children. Becus we are.

May that poor little young lady rest in piece with her dead young chirrenz, I know you wan to call them "niglets" and "but nughets" and da like, but tey was people - HUman Beings !! - like you and me, and you do not have no right to say that.

God bless l';il La'Shauda and her parling angels, that they may rest in heven in eternil piece.

Anonymous said...

You should take down this particularly heartless post. <.

Phillip said...

We pay them to shit out babies. It is so wrong. It is unsustainable.

The future looks bleak indeed with high-fertility specimens such as these.

In order to achieve balance, we would have to see a baby mamma drowning her keeds in a welfare mini-van about once every 30 seconds for the next five years. Even then there would be too many of them.