Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Minority Uplift ; More Demonization of Whites

4/10/11 - Click to Enlarge 

"This is Not Some Sort of Urban Experiment"

"Newly Born, and Withdrawing From Painkillers"

"Fighting Teenage Pregnancy With MTV Starts as Exhibit A"

As further evidence of the New York Times' boundless perfidy and doublespeak, the last story posted here - "Fighting Teenage Pregnancy" - is noteworthy as much because it was published alongside the two heavily biased articles featured above it, as by the photos that accompany the article.

In other words, the New York Times wants you to believe that teenage pregnancy is a predominantly white trash affair. The photographs accompanying this article do not depict one single non-white among the young unwed mothers the article seeks not so much to condemn, as to put on parade.

The problem we at COTT have with this kind of selective reporting of unfortunate displays of social dysfunction, where poor white women from rural Maine shamefully give birth to infants addicted to Oxycontin, is that the NYT devoted this Sunday an entire front-page Magazine feature story on the Department of Education's desperate attempt to enforce the certifiably insane "No Child Left Behind" Act, whereby hundreds of billions of dollars are poured into minority public schools so that Blacks and Hispanics will miraculously become just as smart as Asians and Whites.

So to summarize, the NYT publishes this article, which makes it look like the only people having children out of two-parent households are poor whites; while at the same time, they publish this gushing, fawning, ass-kissing monster article that attempts to explain away black and Hispanic failure, and make it seem like there is nothing more heroic - more Civil-Rights Era-style morally untouchable - than attempting to bridge the achievement gap.

Most Def NOT NYT-Approved; However, They'll Publish
Her Photo If It Can Be Used to Illustrate the Depravity of Her Kind 

A Pregnant Teen Class: Not That There Is Not ONE Minority Face:
Gee, Doesn't That Kind of Fly In The Face of Reality ? 

 it was published in the Sunday edition of the 


Maxwell Cornelius said...

Of course, sure, sure.

Nigger crack babies are EXACTLY the same as nice white women from Maine.

Thanks New York Times for the racialist relativism !

Jeez! The NYT in all their sick, sick cultural relativism, goes so far as to hint - ever so subtly - that not only are crack nigger babies a thing of the past, but also that deviant white women who do something so morally awful as to get high on drugs while pregnant, are now everywhere.

In other words: the psychopaths at the NYT want you to believe that the terrible, terrible affliction of crack babies by simian ghetto bitches is now 100% a thing of the past, PRECISELY BECAUSE ALL OF THE COSIAL ENGINEERING has worked !

That is why, in the second article featured in this post - the cover story for Sunday's Time's magazine about mud race kids and their Hispanic overlords getting trillions of federal dollars so that these mud races can rise to the same level of ability (read: IQ) as the poor whites that the NYT delights in seeing being reduced to minority status SOONER THAN PREDICTED...

And to think there are still fucknuts out there who think that the mother of all conspiracies was 911 - to them I say: Hey ass-wipes, even if 911 was an inside job, (which it wasn't) that does not take away form the fact that Islam is a primitive, savage, anti-western political doctrine, bent on subjugating all infidels.

It gets weirder: I remember in 1984, I was a big fan of the Bob Dylan album "Infidels."

Now, I wonder how I could have tolerated listening to such music that though while melodic and catchy, had this incredibly anti-Western, anti-white theme behind it.

Maxwell said...

The fawning over under-achieving ghetto dwellers is amazing at the NYT.

Amazing too, they try to smear unwed mothers, with a photo that shows ONLY young white teenage mothers, while their article about Bronx kids features no fewer than half a dozen named children who have no fathers, and multiple siblings (presumably by different sperm donors).

Anonymous said...
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