Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Embarrassing Third-World Worship at the New York Times

In a front-page puff piece of unadulterated xenophilia entitled "At Ghanian Funerals, A Time To Dance and Worship," the New York Times embarrasses themselves today even worse than they did yesterday with their voodoo-worship piece, which you read here.

NYT - Approved√
As Africa descends anew into the Stone Age from which it was pried by Western intervention, the wishful thinking reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record are firing up the after-burners on their propaganda machine to make it appear that the rise of Islam in the Maghreb and Ivory Coast is a beautiful thing, while reminding us every single day how evil and undesirable Christianity is (unless it's being practiced by illegal Mexicans, in which case church-going is presented as a sign of stability and responsibility).

It's really starting to feel like the left-wing psychopaths at the New York Times are increasingly feeling the heat of mass defection from the enforced and prevailing liberal dogma that is politically safe to adhere to, but that more and more people are seeing as the sinister campaign of global anti-Westernism that it really is.

From the article:

More cultural relativism from the freakazoids at the NYT. Yes, the Irish can't throw a funeral party like these ghanians. It might not be as wonderful and as enriching as haitian voodoo, but the ways these ghanians get together and dance all night is really something that us boring bland Americans could never replicate. 

A closer look at this articles reveals that these Ghanian funeral-goers are actually engaging in incredibly uncivilized behaviour, reminiscent of over-the-top stupidity that one sees in Africa all the friggin time. Turns out these "funerals" that the NYT goes to such great lengths to report positively on, are nothing more than money-making scams based on the excuse of some ghanian somewhere dying.

In a sane society, the newspaper of record would be frowning upon the exhibition of such alien and morally questionable behaviour. But precisely because of propaganda machines like the NYT, this is not a a sane society; this is a society where up is down, left is right, right is wrong and down is up.

Third Worlders and their primitive religions will be boosted and uplifted at all costs. Meanwhile, anything Western or traditional will be relentlessly lambasted, mocked, and sneered at.

Case in point:



Anonymous said...

Totally, but the NYT is quickly going down the tubes financially as readers defect en masse from this embarrassing
Pravda-style "reporting".

English speaking American adults prefer print media from the UK.

Keep up the pressure on this tawdry rag. Their days are numbered before they'll be on government life support like CBS and the Washington Post.

Anonymous said...

"uncivilized behaviour"

Care to explain what is "uncivilized" about it? All I see on this blog is a bunch of incoherent jabs at anything non-Western without any substantiation whatsoever.

"sinister campaign of global anti-Westernism"

There is nothing sinister about it. Western ideas have literally ruined the world we live in: environmentally, economically, politically, spiritually. Anyone who is unwilling to admit this is refusing to look reality in the eye. The sooner we abandon Western ideas, the sooner we can start healing the world. Either help us or get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

It's been said that a society can have a space program or it can have a black population.

The NYT is gleeful that we are retiring the shuttle program.

Anonymous said...

Im so tired of MORONS like the poster above who whines about western ideas being the root of our problems as he types on his computer, given to us by western ideas, sleeps in his no doubt air conditioned apartment, enjoys his western created freedom of speech, and eats his western style food .But then the idiot whines about western civilization.hey liberal idiots: western civilization IS THE ONLY civilization.And this is why I know libs like you are mentally neutered: everything I've said can be seen by those who have eyes. This ain't rocket science ffs.