Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Euro-Americans on the Road to Minority Status, and the Times Couldn't Be More Gleeful

4/6/11 - Click to Enlarge
"Population of Young Whites Falling Faster Than Expected"


Anonymous said...

"Population of Young Whites Plummets"... and the country's newspaper of record breaks out the fucking balloons and noisemakers and party hats.

Crazy, crazy, crazy shit.

The worst part is, that if you talk to an even mildy intelligent white person today, they will say stupid shit like (as I heqard last night) : "Oh, I think that the figures coming out of the 2010 census are so interesting. It's fascinating."

Try for two seconds to impart onto that typical, brainwashed fool the larger more ominous implications of population replacement - without even getting into the dilution of whites globally - and you will be met with a stone wall of anti-racist stupidity rhetoric.

That reminds me: one tie, shortly after becoming enlightened to matters of race realism, I told an ex mistress of mine about the concept of "anti-racism" being the new commnism.

Not the brigtest bu;b to start with - which I will elaborate upon later the whole chasm that exists between intelligence and the ability to have a "democratic" discussion [hint: if 95% of what you are saying is ging to sail right over the head of the person you're supposed to be conversing with, then their will be no converrsation, and nothing will be accomplished]...

Anywhjo, so I told her, again: "Anti-racism is the new comunism"... wirthout getting into the incredible similarity these two totalitarian systems posssess.

Her response, almost automatic, and, sadly, as I have come to discover, a response not so much from her heart but from her programmed belief system, was: "Well, if to be racist is anti-communist, then I will happily decalre myself a communist."

This woman BTW - to give you an idea of how clueless some in the West are, even our so - called elite (this woman was actually an attorney), - this woman had a daughter who wasn't exactly a dog, but let's just say if you held up a bone... anyway, the daughter, being not too attractive and way too smart, and therefore way to sponge-like to absorb modern French notions of uber-egalitarianism, this poor daughter wound up marrying a fucking boot-lip coal-dark African. The marriage did not last, but so committed was my friend's poor brainwashed delusional daughter to the idea of global social justice through minority uplift, that she took a Peace-Corps style position in black Africa (Rwanda) , where unable to mudshark and conceive some half breeds with her disappointing savage African husband (they divorced), this poor deluded chick wound up adopting two little Rwandais niglets.

It is death of a civilization through propaganda, through racial dilution.

Talk about the mother of all conspiracies. !

Anonymous said...

I'm joining the Mormon church and having 10 beautiful European children with my sweet un-Judified European goddess wife.

Those of you who have been to the BYU campus will know what I mean...