Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Perpetuating the Tired Old Lie of the (Only) Eleven-Million-Illegals Figure

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The delusional, disingenuous reality fugitives at the New York Times seem to have lost their Texas Instrument calculators. Since I started paying attention about five years ago, the NYT has continually and obstinately presented to the gullible US public the "fact" that there are some 11 million illegal immigrants toiling about in the land.

Yes, these same Mexican illegals, who with their "legalized" brethren were responsible for the vast majority of the nation's population growth since the year 2000, are in a strange twist of science, math and social justice policy, still limited to the fell-safe number of 11 million today, in 2011, even though the Times themselves admit that there are 1.5 million new "people" pouring into the country every year, and of these, up to one-third or more are "undocumented."

Eleven million illegal Mexicans in the land of the drive-thru?

Um, how bout, more like 20 to 30 million?

In a monster article featured on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record today entitled "America's Immigration Crusader," Times communist and assistant-chief diversity enforcer Jason deParle goes to extreme lengths to vilify some old white guy named Dr. John Tanton - an eye doctor from lilly-white (and dreaded) Petoskey, Michigan (a lakeside place that is 94% white - gasp and horrors!), who single-handedly created a lot of sensible immigration restriction groups including Numbers USA and FAIR.

Now, of course, the Times in this stupid article calls Dr. Tanton a "racist" on at least six occasions, to discredit him. You see: anti-racism is the new communism, we've all known this for a few years now. Anti-racism is the new religion of the secular humanism that tragically defines the be-all end all ideology f modern white democratic societies, where "equality" and "colourblindness" are more important than merit, innovation, or common decency.

If you go back and look for yourselves, you will see that as long ago as 2004, the NYT was reporting on the tired old wive's tale that the country was home to "eleven million undocumented workers."

But if you look a little further - including by taking a microscope to today's anti- Anti-Immigration piece that features the great Doctor Tanton, you will see that the knut-jobs at the New York Times themselves admit that the numbers can not possibly add up: in other words, there are not "11 million" illegal immigrants in the USA today, there are more like 30 million.

The Times doesn't of course want you to know this. The NYT will always - ALWAYS - be faithful to their mission of comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable.

The NYT is a giant global social justice propaganda machine, fueled by the nuclear core of competitive altruism - an "I'm morally better than you" affliction that seems to only affect Westerners in general, and Upper-West-Side dwelling white NYT-writing elites in particular.

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If there are only eleven million illegal Mexicans in this country today then my name is José.