Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, April 1, 2011

Celebrating Deviance ; Stating the Obvious : The New York Times Further Reveals Itself As The Mouthpiece Of A Sick and Dying Society

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In a sane society crap like "Health Issues Facing Gays Need More Research, Panel Says" - written by Times communist Robert Pear and published on page A21 of today's national edition - would simply not be published, at least not in what is supposed to be that society's newspaper of record. In a sane society, maybe - maybe -  such nonsense would have its place in the back pages of some specialty publication.

The New York Times however does not represent a sane society. The Times has become the spokesmouth for the type of not-sane society that ours has become, a society devolved into sickly illusionism precisely as a result of the insidious and relentless propaganda campaign that the Times has been waging for many years now.

There is nothing sadder, nothing more disheartening, than to see with one own's eyes the tragic byproducts of a social engineering experiment gone hideously awry: all around us, clueless tatted-up young people, with absolutely not a sliver of civilizational pride, without the tiniest clue of why Rome fell, why the West is the best, or why electricity came to Egypt only 50 years ago.

The saddest part about these idiots is that the way they think, the way they dress, the way they decide to have Chinese characters tattooed on the backs of their necks - all of this behaviour is not of their own free will, but rather the result of influences deviously foisted upon them by the very elites behind the larger tragedy of Western decline.

Translation: a lot of these lesbians are no more carpet munchers than Cleopatra ever was; this lifestyle they were talked into - influenced into  - by the self-destruction elites at places like the New York Times.

So the next time you see a stupid white child with a portrait of Che tatooed onto his neck, don't even bother to tell him that he thinks he's a social justice warrior only because the New York Times wants him to. It's too late for that kid.

For now.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. Truly spot on.

Martin Guerre said...

Good post.

I agree it is disgusting the way the elites treat topics such as gays and lesbos.

For God's sakes in a sane society that nonsense would be treated with the absolute discretion that it deserves and screams for.