Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Praising Haiti When Common Sense and Honesty Would Be Better

We told you a while back that anything the Grey Lady writes about either South Africa or Haiti is going to be a laugh fest of disingenuous white liberal feel-good wishful thinking.

This article, written by Times communist Anne Bernard and published today, is a case in point of that assertion :

"Suffering, Haitians Turn to Charismatic Prayer"

Times-Approved As Long As You're Haitian

Postcard From Haiti
The mentally deranged utopians at the New York Times never tire of repeating the old lie that a journalist's duty is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. In truth, a newspaper's duty is to inform, but for the morally superior psychos who pen their propaganda in the billion dollar glass tower of the Times across from the Port Authority bus terminal in New Yawk, this mission has been perverted into one of journalistic social justice. It is full-bore competitive philanthropy played out in the pages of the nation's newspaper of record.

By its nature the notion of social justice is marxist to its core, and despite the fact that communist-style egalitarianism has been proven a failed, evil ideology, the Grey Lady just can't seem to let go her love affair with it.

In this most recent, highly photoshopped journalistic postcard from Haiti, Times communist Anne Bernard gushes with do-gooder pride as she dresses up this picture of a failed nation-state with words like fervent, inspiring, charismatic, praiseworthy, and hope-filled. The New York Times: all the news that's print to fit.

What COTT readers will find interesting about this most recent display of the Times' one-sidedness, is how superbly it displays the paper's hypocrisy on matters of religion: Bernard's article is an unabashed celebration of Haitian religiosity. That in and of itself might not seem unreasonable, as we all know how much the Times loves Islam (and indeed any other religion as long as it is not Western Christianity). What is particularly damning for the Times here, is the obviousness of their double standard: the NYT spent months earlier this year attacking the Catholic church, publishing scores of breathless front page articles on the so-called Roman Catholic church abuse scandal. The persistence with which they pursued this non-subject was sickening to behold. We at COTT are what you would call neutral when it comes to matters of the cloth, but to watch America's newspaper of record try so vehemently to bring down one of Western Civilization's most prominent institutions of goodwill (don't think Inquisition, think Schools, Hospitals and Roadways in Africa) was enough to give us a brain ulcer.

So while the Times goose-steps down the road of global cultural marxism, comforting the afflicted (Haitians, Muslims), and afflicting the comfortable (Christians, Westerners), they often find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to comfort a needy group who has the unenlightened tendency to act like the comfortable. In other words: the Times will not, can not, ever say anything impolite about Haitians or why theirs is a failed nation. The Grey Whore will attribute their misery to the usual suspects: the weather, bad government, corruption, the French, etc. Uninhibited by the stigma of hypocrisy, the Times gives Christianity a break, as long as it is being practiced by non-Westerners.

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