Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The New York Times Does Away With Its Credibility

We at COTT were enthused by two events which transpired recently in Germany : the publication of a book by a center-left politician who defied the tenets of political correction to write truthfully and unabashedly about the catastrophic results on Germany of forty years of unbridled non-western immigration, and the declaration by Angela Merkel - Germany's leader and according to Forbes the most powerful woman in the world - that the multicultural experiment in Germany was a failure and a mistake.
Thilo Sarrazin, Center-Left Politician and Author,
 Reviled by the Times, Loved and Admired by 3 out of 4 Crouts
We expected that the inevitable firestorm of liberal refutation of Sarrazin's views would be swift and relentless, and we were not disappointed by the veracity of our predictions.

Steve Sailer writes eloquently and masterfully on this subject, as usual, and until we can finish this post a little later tonight (have to make a beer run at this tiiiiime), we encourage you to read more about this hugely important story from a true master :


(a little later Saturday night, after the brewsky run...)... 

Hello again fellow New York Times skeptics. We are back from our beer run: we picked up a few bottles of Stella and a 5th of Captain Morgan, so please be indulgent with your new friends at COTT if our words are a teeny weeny bit slurred. Hey's it's Saturday night, give us a break ! 

To get back to the matter at hand: the grey lady's predictably scathing treatment of Deutchsland's newest hero, Thilo Sarrazin: 

First of all, keep in mind that the same policy of multiculturalism that Sarrazin denounces in strict academic terms in his one million-plus bestseller (an amazing feat for a geeky scholarly book with hundreds of footnotes and tables) and that Angela Merkel refutes from a political standpoint, is the same ideology that enabled the foreign-born 911 hijackers to use Germany as the perfect sanctuary from which to concoct their sinister plan of attack against us infidel westerners. 

Germany of course is a land that has been cursed by her somewhat eccentric leaders of times past, as well as the resplendence of a gene pool that has produced some of the greatest achievers in the history of mankind. But thankfully, the boot-on-the-neck guilt that has kept Germany down since that wanker-in-chief Adolf made all of us look bad, after engaging in some very bad behavior that resulted in many of our ancestors being made dead wayyyyy before their time, has apparently come to pass. The Germans are finally starting to respect themselves once again as the great people that they are, multiculturalism and nazi guilt be damned. 

Some 75% of Germans approve of what Sarrazin says about the incompatibility of Muslim immigrants in their homeland - this is a healthy, natural, positive development.   

However, back in la-la land, some 99.8% of the New York Times editorial staff DISapproves, and very wholeheartedly, of what the Germans now approve of, even though what the Germans have finally found the balls to approve of is something that is true for virtually every western nation on earth today. 

As anyone with a brain and an IQ of 100 or more would expect (see this link for a commentary on that most eugenic-sounding statement later), the sick demented freaks at the New York Times lay into poor Thilo from the very first lines of their "Saturday Profile." 

In today Saturday's 6th page feature entitled "With Words on Muslims, Opening a Door Long Shut," New York Times communist Michael Slackman wastes no time demonizing one of Germany's modern day political heroes. Read the article for yourself, you will see what I am talking about. 

The leftist hate starts fast and furious : 

In the first paragraph, Sarrazin is characterized as an: 

"orderly man, who lives in a quiet, orderly house, in a very quiet tree-lined neighborhood." 

We all know that in the insane world of the NYT, "orderly" is code for "white, western, privileged oppressor." 

In the second paragraph of the Saturday Profile, more crimes of the times subliminal code words. You see, not only does Sarrazin ("Heil!", the Times would so love to scream, if they could) not only does Sarrazin live in a tidy house on an orderly street (White privilege!), he also possesses: 

..."the certainty of an accountant adding up rows of numbers." 

Notice the Timesspeak, the subtle reference to the calculating ways of an accountant, (Nazi! screams the Times, without actually saying it outright); notice the Timesspeak, the reference to "rows of numbers" (Nazi! screams the Times - "He is adding up numbers, in rows, like his kind used to do with the rows and rows of..."). 

You get the point. 

The subtleties of the NYT aren't even subtle anymore. 

A few paragraphs down, describing Sarrazin physically: 

"Mr. Sarrazin, 65, is tall and trim, with a head of thick grayish hair, round tortoiseshell glasses and a right eye that is always squinting." 

The implications are so clear to us at COTT, even after a few Stellas, that they seem almost childlike: the stereotypical image of a monacled Nazi: 

How the Times Sees Sarrazin 
Like a spoiled child, the New York Times hates it when they don't get their way: witness the November 2nd elections in the US, and the rise of ethnic identity awareness throughout Europe and indeed, to a far lesser degree, in the United States. The newspaper of record can't stand it when its agenda is not foisted with effortless condescendence upon the masses, as it was when the Fraudulent One was elected out of nowhere to become the President of the United States. 

Thilo Sarrazin represents all that is good and decent about a healthful Western democracy - an established mainstreamer speaking out about the ills of the ways of his peers - and that is why the New York Times cannot stand him. We at COTT wish Herr Sarrazin Good Health, Good Fortune and Godspeed, and thank him wholeheartedly for the innovations that his ancestors made when it came to figuring out how to put brewskies into portable containers. 


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Mark Johnson said...

This article actually wasn't the hatchet job you'd expect, It gave coverage to absolutely one of the bravest politicians in a Western country to the clueless readership of a left wing rag. In the big scheme of things, not a bad deal.