Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Downplaying Western Benevolence While Highlighting Non-Existent Achievement in the Modern Arab World

In today's print edition of the NYT, there are two articles that perfectly illustrate the Grey Lady's insidious campaign to demonize all things Western, and at the same time perpetuate the global marxist egalitarianism myth of Third World cultural parity.

The latter comes in the form of a giant front-page feature entitled: "Building Museums, and a Fresh Arab Identity." The former is a deceptively simple obituary published on page A16 of the national edition, entitled "Robert B. Daugherty, 88; Helped Irrigate the Plains."

A Dubious Celebration of Bedouin Civilization
The Times is so hell-bent on advancing their marxist globalist agenda that virtually no story they publish will be spared the sneaky sick liberal bias that inspired this blog. Case in point is "Building Museums" by Times communist Nicolai Ouroussoff, who though supposedly is the paper's chief architecture critic, manages to insert in his discussion of buildings a decidedly global social justice slant.

"Building Museums" tells the story of stinking-rich Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirate, where billions of oil dollars are being spent on the construction of museums. Museums to what?, you may ask.


Don't look to the Times for a forthright answer.

The self-loathing cultural marxist psychopaths at the New York Times are so devoted to their official creed of "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable," that they have expanded the definition of "afflicted" to include the historically underachieving. In the case of Ouroussoff's propaganda puff piece on Western-designed museums in the Emirates, the Times goes to unbelievable lengths to apologize for and explain away the lack of anything culturally significant that emerged from Adu Dhabi in the last 500 years. To its credit, the Times does inform its readers in this article that:
"A little over a half-century ago Abu Dhabi was a Bedouin village with no literary or scientific traditions to speak of, no urban history. Its few thousand inhabitants, mostly poor and illiterate, survived largely on animal herding, fishing and pearl diving."
Granted, the Times could have said "just five decades ago," instead of "a half-century ago," but what the lunatics at the Times want you to believe is that Bedouin achievement is measured in factors of centuries, not mere years.

This reporting is economic dhimmitude and globalism run amok on a whole new scale: the truth is of course that the "illiterate" Bedouins of Adu Dhabi were made rich not by their own hard work but by Westerners' need for oil to power the machines that Westerners invented. Were it not for Western innovation, combined with the Western benevolence that insisted upon returning these lands colonized by the British to the natives, then today these oil-rich countries would be just as backwards as they have been for the past thousand years, stuck in the bleak times of Mohammed the child molester prophet that the practitioners of the religion of peace are trying to impose on the modern world today.

But the Times wants you to believe that the Bedouins of the Emirates are the exact cultural equals of your ancestors who built the cathedrals of Europe, which the Grey Whore would be delighted to see blown up by suicide bombers using rectal cavity explosives (anything to bring down Western Civilization - after all, in the crazy eyes of the Times, we are the comfortable, they are the afflicted).

While Nicolai Ouroussoff and the Pinky Sulzberger-types who pull the strings at America's newspaper of record foam breathlessly at the mouth about the cultural significance of a bunch of Bedouins using the money we give them for oil they wouldn't have otherwise know what to do with to hire Western architects to build Museums to their non-achievement - and this is where it gets amusing - on the very last page of the A-section of today's national edition is a tiny two-column obituary of a man who did more in a single lifetime to change the face of the world than the Bedouins have done in eight hundred years.

You see, Robert Daugherty, who just died at the age of 88, is the man who invented the center-pivot system of irrigation. Anyone who has ever flown across the United States has seen his handiwork in the form of giant green circles on the ground: these are patches of terrain irrigated by Mister Daugherty's simple yet highly effective system, essentially a giant pipe on wheels spinning around in a circle. Not only did Daugherty make a fortune with his revolutionary irrigation system, where it is now used to increase crop yields all over the world, he gave away almost all of his fortune, and started a charitable foundation that has helped fund the Global Water for Food Institute - possibly the only reason that the Times published such a long obituary of the man at all. (Daugherty was also a Marine who served in the Pacific).

Brought to You By the Dreaded Western Mind 

So while the oil rich arabs in the Emirates put on a party of ostentation, the Times waters down the story of Western achievement, padding politely around the truth: there is no clash of civilizations (Sam Huntington was Wrong); all civilizations are exactly equal; achievement is relative; dead white males can need only be mentioned if they gave away their fortune to improving the sort of non-Westerners. 

The people at the Times are a sick lot indeed.


Pamela Geller said...

Great site.

Anonymous said...

"Western benevolence that insisted upon returning these lands colonized by the British to the natives"

Yes, let's forget what the original colonization itself implies about Western ethics and just focus on the return of the colonized lands! How benevolent!

"Westerners' need for oil to power the machines that Westerners invented"

Thank you for at least admitting which civilization is responsible for the environmental horrors caused by fossil fuel society.

"insidious campaign to demonize all things Western"

No campaign is required. The West is basically a drunk holding a gun. Everyone sober sees how dangerous he is to everyone around him, including himself, and calmly asks him to put the gun down, only to have him think we are trying to mug him. And then of course there is Pamela Geller (Zionist Jew) up there who is pouring him more drinks and egging him on to shoot all of us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for at least admitting which civilization is responsible for the environmental horrors caused by fossil fuel society.

The same one that gave you the means (the internet) to complain about it.

I do question Pamela Geller and her enthusiasm for this blog. But then again it manages to skirt round exactly who these 'liberals' who dominate the Times actually are. Clue: Not muslims. Not Christians.