Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nick Kristof Does It Again

Slick Nick - As a COTT Commentor Brilliantly Pointed Out,
It's Easy to Imagine Him Being Raped While In Prison,
Then Writing An Apologetic Puff Piece About His
 Attacker's Underprivileged Background 
We at COTT read the New York Times so you don't have to.

Every day, we scour America's newspaper of record from cover to cover in search of the ONE, single most stupid piece of propagandist leftist drivel, and comment upon it for your reading pleasure.

Today, once again, the prize of Most Insane Leftist Puff Piece goes to Shifty Nick, that is, Times communist and Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof. (Hey, if Obama could win a Nobel, then surely Kristof deserves a Pultizer).

The Sunday, November 28th, MMX edition of the New York Times was surprisingly devoid of the usual screaming liberal bias that irks us so. To their credit, the Times actually published a photograph on the front page of this Sunday's edition of the 19 year-old Somali-born "refugee" who wanted to blow up all those good liberals at a Christmas Tree party in Portland Oregon, a certain Muhamad Ousman Muhhamed (who cares how this little mutant's name is spelled? - all these Medieval names sound the same to us anyway).

Somali-Born Oregon Resident Muhamad Ousman
Muhammad (Spell Check Does Not Apply) 
The Times only published the photo of this Somalian terrorist / asylum parasite, and on their front page, because they knew that if they didn't, they would be seen as once again covering up the increasingly obvious hate facts of who commits all the attempted terrorism in the USA.  Fortunately for the good liberals in Portland Oregon (78% white as of 2008), the young terrorist wannabes from Africa and the Middle East who attempt to change the demographics of the nation with a single explosion (as opposed to the cultural marxists in Washington, who seek to do so through population replacement on a grand scale), these dim-witted third worlders are not nearly as intelligent as they are evil.

For the do-gooder psychopaths at the Times, though, these poor terrorists are victims, all of them. Victims of their background, victims of the war-ravaged lands from whence they came, as this article on the lower-left of today's Times front page alludes to: The Lost Boys of Sudan (yes, them again). We at COTT have a strong feeling that the Grey Lady-Whore felt obligated to counterbalance the publication of Moohomud Oosmunt Moohoomud's photo, with a feel-good story about a Lost Boy from Sudan who returns in 135$ Air Jordans to his home village of mud huts and TB, in order to perpetuate the myth that it's really not that bad in Africa, after all.

But we digress.

Today's criminally biased zinger comes in yet another op-ed piece from Times communist Nick Kristof, entitled "A Woman. A Prostitute. A Slave." It is the story of an illegal Chinese immigrant woman, who pays thousands of dollars to sneak into the US, and before she can get signed up for free health care for life, gets roped into some kind of a call-girl service operating out of a Times Square office building. Kristof calls it "modern slavery," and laments the abuses that this poor illegal Chinawoman is forced to endure. At the end of his opinion piece he writes : "Nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, it's time to wipe out the remnants of slavery in this country."

My goodness what a deluded, disingenuous white liberal wimp Kristof is: If only there could be a few  evil white Southern men in pickup trucks to make his story hit home!

One can almost hear the wind blowing out of Kristof's sails, as he grapples with the unfortunate (for him) reality that: (1) The pimps behind this ring of prostitutes are fellow, foreign-born Chinese; (2) The majority of the illegal Chinese immigrant prostitutes featured in his story are happy to be in the US, even if it means that they have to sell their skinny bodies to rapacious (no doubt fellow Oriental) men.

Once again, Kristof completely misses the point: he highlights the injustices suffered by these women, or in the case of this absurd puff piece, woman, without ever pointing out that these women are here illegally in the first place.

If you read Kristof's article in its entirety, you'll see why he got sued a few years back trying to blame the anthrax madness of 2001 on scientist Steven Hatfill: he constantly gives unreasonable credence to unsubstantiated claims:
"They beat her with their fists (but did not hit her face, for that might damage her commercial value), gang-raped her and videotaped her naked in humiliating poses. For extra intimidation they held a gun to her head." 
Oh really? Wouldn't a responsible journalist have included in this statement the caveat that this is hearsay, something merely claimed to have happened by the woman? 

Maybe Slick Nick thinks that because he has a Pultizer to his name, he can get away with making unsubstantiated claims of this magnitude. We're not sure. 

What we do know, however, is that Nick and his pansified psycho Pals at the New York Times get it wrong on an impressively regular basis: that a few Chinese women who sneak into the country illegally wind up living a life of hardship - at least by American standards - is hardly cause for alarm, in our book. The real issue here, is that America is being invaded by Third Worlders on a massive scale, all day every day, upsetting the demographic balance that has made this country what it is. 

But we understand that Slick Nick and his ilk can't be bothered with the Destiny of Demographics. After all, that would be "illiberal." 

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Anonymous said...

Nick Kristof is truly a delusional individual.

Did you know he has been writing for the Times since 1984! Jeeeesus!! The man has brainwashed himself into believing all he says. Like an old dog you cannot teach new tricks to.

Sad, in a way.