Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grinning the Evil Grin as Canada Fades to Brown

Today, your NYT-hating friends at COTT are going to seek to explore the insanity that springs like the quills of a porcupine from a front page, above-the-fold article that appears in today's edition and written by Times Communist Jason DeParle, "Defying Trend, Canada Lures More Migrants." This article screams out for rectification, and makes one wonder if Mr. DeParle has stopped taking his medication.

In this stomach-turning propaganda puff piece, America's newspaper of record basks in the glow of culture war victory as our gullible neighbors to the north soak up the joys of diversity. Like a vulture watching a baby eating poison candy, the New York Times can barely contain their glee as  the prairie province of Manitoba goes to extreme and seemingly suicidal lengths to attract new immigrants from the Third World. Oh, how the Times feels the love:
“From the moment we touched down at the airport, it was love all the way,” said Olusegun Daodu, 34, a procurement professional who recently arrived from Nigeria to join relatives and marveled at the medical card that offers free care. “If we have any reason to go to the hospital now, we just walk in.”

Once again, the Times reveals its true population replacement agenda as it giggles like a teenage girl with satisfaction that the Canadians of Manitoba have been successfully duped into believing that not only is there nothing wrong with replacing Canada's founding stock with non-whites, but also it is something that will win you all sorts of prizes, not least of which is the moral superiority over us dumb rednecks who have even an iota of European self-identity, and the adulation the grey lady reserves for those who possess such superiority.

Boatload of Diversity 
Of course, what the Times fails to mention is that the people of Manitoba are being doubly duped, for their more sophisticated city-dwelling fellow countrymen have recently started catching on to what is really going on, with this boatload of 500 Tamil refugees who showed up in August and immediately demanded to be taken care of for the rest of their lives providing a much needed major wake-up call.

But meanwhile, in the provinces, the hooded hicks are suckered by big business and clueless politicians into gulping down the propaganda that elsehere is crammed down peoples' throats, and the New York Times just looooooooves. it. They feel the love.

Their strategy is working, and by the time people wake up to what the verminous NYT and the social engineering elite behind the scenes have been doing all these years, it will be too late.


Anonymous said...

The new york times has an agenda of obfuscation and disinformation.What a stupid rag.Why pay 2 bucks a day to be brainwashed?

Mark Johnson said...

I too read this article. The ending was the best. Paraphrasing "we should go down to America and get their illegal aliens too - they would be welcome here!"

--great idea for a blog btw. You will have an endless source of unintentionally stupid funny crap to write about :)

Mark Johnson said...

The NYT actually had a good article on going back to the gold standard today. Sometimes they surprise you.