Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Further Lamentations on South Africa's Refusal to Conform

The crazed cappaccino-chugging communist capos at the New York Times commit their Crimes Against Common Sense and Western Civilization as much by misinforming as by not informing at all about hate facts they find inconvenient and would like to wish away.

Today's demonstration of the Grey Lady's continued journalistic perfidy comes in the form of yet another paternalizing propaganda puff piece by South Africa-based Times correspondent Celia Dugger, a video segment entitled quite simply "Affirmative Action in South Africa." With the possible exception of sports scores and currency exchange rates, virtually every single news item excreted by the Times that has to do with South Africa or, say, Haiti will be filled with as much disingenuous liberal wishful thinking and willful omission of reality as a Cat in the Hat encyclopedia.

The New York Times works overtime to snamboozle its readers into swallowing the tired old lie that all people are exactly the same, and that there is a place in heaven for those who devote their lives to uplifting the historically disfavored.

COTTers will know by now, after reading just a few posts on this brand new blog, that the malady of Western liberalism so forcefully endorsed in the pages of America's newspaper of record is rooted in a condition that is unique to people of European descent, namely competitive altruism. No other ethnic group devotes as much of their energy to ensuring the happiness of other ethnic groups as white Europeans. How many Chinese really care about the future of ethnic Tibetans? How many Iraqis have set up organizations to pay for cleft palate operations in South East Asia?

Highly Unlikely Her Surgery Will
Be Paid For By Chinese Donors
In one of today's video segments published in the cyber pages of the criminally liberal newspaper of record, Dugger takes us to the University of Cape Town, South Africa. There, she reports upon the sinful lack of progress in Africa's most prosperous (for now) nation to behave exactly like her home  country. Dugger is clearly aghast that South African blacks have not yet lived up to their full potential, and without saying so outright, blames you know who on this rather predictable dysfunction.

By willful omission, the New York Times fails to report on the really bad situation in South Africa today, 16 years after Apartheid: the highest rate of AIDS infection on the planet, the plague of murder of over 3000 white farmers to date, the ongoing descent into criminality and general barbarism, the unravelling of infrastructure across the board, etc, etc etc.

Reporting on failed affirmative action policies in South Africa without talking about the truth of the disintegration of that sad nation is akin to talking about cholera in Haiti without mentioning the January 12th earthquake.

Kind Of A More Pertinent Thing To Report On
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Mark Johnson said...

I too am amused by all the cleft palate charities posting ads in the NYTs and the WSJ. What's the next common deformity in black and brown countries that Whites are supposed to pay for? Maybe the leaders of those countries could use their billions in foreign aid to pay for the surgeries themselves instead of private jets and luxury Parisian shopping excusions. Nah...

Anonymous said...

It is indeed funny the way the EVERY TIME the New York Times reports on either Haiti or South Africa, without fail their writing is always paternalistic, condescending, haughty, and ever-so-subtly implies that all of these blacks problems are the fault of whites.

I was hoping when I first saw this site that COTT wasn't going to be another racist internet sensation, dwelling exclusively on the doings and mostly non-doings,and on the suffering and stupidity of this sad group, The Cockroaches of Humanity.

But I realize after reading a few (rather mediocre, I might add) posts on this blog, that it is impossible to criticize the NYT without at the same time giving proper mention to this coddled group of failed humanoids - ie Blacks, the world over.

Could it be that if African blacks had never jumped the evolutionary gap about 100,ooo years ago, when they came to resemble humans greatly in physical appearance, but maintained their close behavioral ties with their closer family relations, the primates (monkeys, apes, etc) - is it possible that if there were no "blacks" on the planet, that the New York Times would be devoting as much energy to uplifting other, less fucked-up non-white groups?

Just a thought.

Keep up the good work COTTers.