Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, November 29, 2010

More Apologizing for Natural Born Jihadists

"Why Us?" - Portland Residents in a State of Confusion
Since the Portland would-be bomber was arrested by the FBI a few days ago, kicking and screaming "allah akbar" as he was led away to a life of expensive reclusion, the Times has redoubled their efforts to portray old Osman as just a regular Aw-Shucks kind of kid, while at the same time ensuring readers that Muslims in the US are cool and that Islam is a religion of peace (wink wink).

From this predictably weak-willed follow-up story to Osman's take down, entitled "Friends Say Bombing Suspect Appeared Changed of Late" (oh really?), we have excised for you a few choice snippets.

Nothing to see here, folks, Move along.

You see, ole' Moohamood was just :

"...a well adjusted young American teenager..." (1st ¶) ;

"...'He seemed to be in a state of confusion'..." (3rd ¶) ;

"...'He wasn't like that. He was just like everybody else'..." (9th ¶) ;

Of course he was. 

"...Many Muslims in Oregon worried they would face a backlash. And on Sunday, local Muslim leaders emphasized that the case was an isolated incident..." (10th ¶) ;

The evil islamophobes of Oregon need to be watched. 

"...'Osman was very sophisticated'..." (20th ¶);

Just a regular American teenager.

"...'He seemed like a great kid'..." (23rd ¶) ;

"...Some young Somali men in the United States struggle to find a sense of belonging..." (30th ¶) :

It's obviously our fault.

"...'This kid has friends here, went to school here,' said Mr. Alyajouri. 'It's so stupid. Nobody I know thinks that way'..." (final ¶).

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