Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, November 19, 2010

New York Times-Style Obfuscation from the Communist News Network

This story is not from the lying pages of the New York Times, the verminous so-called "newspaper of record" that we here at COTT are dedicated to bashing on a daily basis, it is from CNN, but we just couldn't resist posting it for you. 

Countries Most "Welcoming" to Asylum Seekers?

Note the Quotation Marks in "Welcoming"
Gee whiz, I wonder what all these countries have in common?

Ahh!, thank goodness CNN answers that question honestly and appropriately: what these countries all have in common is that they don't let in enough asylum seekers.

The New York Times and the Communist News Network: birds of a feather who flock together in the atrium of criminal liberal delusionalism.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading something sickening in The Economist - that magazine that the New York Times loves because they share the exact same worldview.

The Economist published this stupid, but STUPID article, wherein they ranked the United States as like only the 7th most generous aid-giver to the Turd Worlds - even though the US gives more money to non-whites than any country on earth - after doing some dubious research where they ranked a nation's AID budget to the turd world based on population, and not actual dollar amounts of gifts.

The US has ALWAYS provided the most support to the Turd World - the psychos on the Left want the world's most generous country to give EVEN MORE.

Of course, we all know what becomes of this aid to Africa et al : private bank accounts in Switzerland and palatial villas in Paris.

The turd world really, really takes the West for fools, and the communist impostors at the New York Times do their bidding.

See this fascinating article about the futility of helping the unhelpable by IRish Times columnist Kevin Meyers :

"Africa is giving nothing to anyone -- apart from AIDS"


Anonymous said...

Thank you Crimes of the Times for exposing these mother f****ers for who they really are.

Somebody needed to do it.

Mark Johnson said...

Great article Anon - thanks.