Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Pointy-Headed Diversity Enforcers at the NYT Prove How Cool They Are By Glorifying the Dregs of Society

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They've done this before, and they'll do it again: the New York Times seems to take some sick pleasure in glorifying the lowest of the low. Whether it is a proven murderer freshly released from death row, or a career criminal who lands a role in a film and is later given a standing ovation by the New York Times readers at the Sundance Film Festival, the stricken professional morality competitors at the Times like to show how morally superior they are by publishing gushing portraits of the very worst specimens of humanity. In a breathless love-fest of an article appearing prominently (above the fold) in the New York section of today's national Sunday edition entitled "A Prison Yard Workout, Far Outside the Yard," Times communist Corey Kilgannon tells the bittersweet story of redemption of one Robert Salzman, a two-bit lowlife of a career criminal to COTT readers, but a Rocky-like rockstar figure to the reality fugitives at the New York Times.

He Assaulted Your Ma, He Robbed Your Pa, But He's
Still a Hero to the New York Times (And He Had a
Rough Childhood, So It's Not Really His Fault


Anonymous said...

This guy might be reformed and all, he might even be a "nice guy." But for the New York Times to play him up like he is some kind of superhero of the wishful-thinking left, is not only disgusting, it is irresponsible.

Once again, we have the NYT carrying on with their usual narrative of blaming the victim, and excusing the perp - in the case of Mr. Jailbird Santanzo or whatever, the Times makes it clear that he spent most of his life in prison not because of some kind of innate flaw or inherited criminality, but rather because he was "abused by his foster care mother."

What kind of bullshit is this?

A sane society needs to condemn the criminal no matter what.

To not only make excuses for criminal behaviour, but also to glorify it by publishing a tear-jerking, gushing article such as this, is not only insane, it is downright Suicidal.

But, I guess the West has been on a Death Wish since 1965.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I too read this piece in the New YOrk Times and also was repulsed by the Times' apologistic portrayal of this hoodlum.

It really is a shame that a nation's newspaper of record glorifies people like this - as much as we need to reserve in our hearts a place for people like him who turn their lives around.

The NYT is a sick puppy indeed.

Thank you for this important site.