Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Usual Drivel From The Times, With A Twist

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"Three Month Nightmare Emerges in Rape Inquiry"

"Suit Says Jesuits Ignored Warnings About Priest"

"Arriving As Pregnant Tourists, Leaving With American Babies"

As the Arab world burns and Japan radiates, our humble reality contortionist friends at the New York Times are busy keeping their anti-Western agenda alive: refusing to discuss the racial nature of the Texas rape case (the 19 fertile and tumescent blacks {even the Times reports that one of the rapist teens already has five chirren from four different baby mammas} who raped an 11 year-old taco bunny in Texas); unearthing decades-old, totally fucking irrelevant abuse allegations against the Catholic Church (while giving Islam in all its forms a pass, whenever, wherever); and, finally, talking in a very circumspect way about the sickening practice of Birth Tourism, whereby pregnant Turd Worlders from China, Turkey and elsewhere, are encouraged to show up on our hospitable shores to shit out a little Turd World Baby, who is then instantly granted US citizenship, thanks to an early lib-tard provision of our own US constitution, which, predictably, in the aftermath of the War Of Northern Aggression reached out to black african American former slaves, in a nicey-nice intended to make them comfy.

There is scarcely a thing that makes me more sick to my stomach than the thought of a preggers turd worlder flying into the US, all the while using Western technology to get her here, Western infrastructure to facilitate the whole deal, and Western laws to ensure her safe arrival and later stamp of American citizenship approval on the lop-sided head of her little turd world Chinese bambino mongolooid. Sorry, but I'm a little xenophobic, what can I tell you?

People need to comprehend the very Shakespearian notion of the group vs the individual (Romeo and Juliet, anyone?) dynamic that explains to a great extent what is perceived in the modern world as racism: there is nothing more healthy, more natural, more gentlemanly, than my holding the door at a Starbucks for a pregnant Chinese woman; for me to potentially loathe her people, her civilization, and everything it stands for - insofar as it might pose a danger to my OWN civilization one day - is the very height of civilizational sanity.

But I digress a smidgeon...

It is interesting that the New York Times even published what some might see as a slightly anti-birthright citizenship article on its front page today. Notice however the way that the NYT DOES seem to condemn the anti-birthright citizenship movement (God, what ├┤ WHAT could be a more legitimate struggle, than seeking to repeal the law that makes it possible for these nasty foreigners to fly over, and while sneering at our stupidity and naievete the whole time, fart out a dark little slanty-eyed invader, who with US passport in hand, will in 21 years be eligible to petition for the parents and grandparents to come to the US to suck on the public tit): on page TWO of today's national edition, in their "Quotation of the Day", the reality magicians at Amerika's newspaper of record publish a quote from a person featured in today's front page article. It goes like this:
"I think it deserves a lot more study and a lot more attention. But to say that you want to change the Constitution because of this feels like killing a fly with an Uzi." - ANGELA MARIA KELLY, an immigration expert for a liberal-leaning research group, on foreign women giving burf in the United States so that their babies will be American citizens. 

The New York Times: Not Getting It Until It's Too Late Since 1852


Anonymous said...

Birthright citizenship ("droit de sol" in French) is an outdated concept of early liberal ideals.

Most developed nations have already repealed the anchor baby clauses in their constitutions.

Anonymous said...

Our anchor baby law grants citizenship only to those subject exclusively to US jurisdiction - not to foreign mothers (misinterpretation by criminal "Jewish" judges notwithstanding)