Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why Has the New York Times Gone From Reporting the News to Promoting Global Race-Based "Social Justice" ?

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If it is not becoming obvious to you, then you are either not paying close enough attention, or you have succumbed to the same forces that have transformed Amerika's newspaper of record from a hard-driving journal of smart realistic reporting into a drivelsome rag of wishful-thinking NWO do-gooder propaganda.

The New York Times has totally abandoned its mission to report the news both domestic and international with standards of journalistic impartiality that were established centuries ago, rooted as they once were in that most magnificent period of human achievement, the European Enlightenment.

Instead, in every arena imaginable, the crypto-delusional reality contortionist fanatics at the New York Times use the considerable breadth of their podium to vehicle their obsessional commitment to a race-tinted One-World global social justice agenda.

We have seen clear evidence of this shift in the Times' focus since Day One of the Arab World Revolts, which arguably were triggered in part by the type of liberal egalitarian propaganda that the NYT has been hell-bent on disseminating for over a decade now. (Please see: "Gray Lady Down," by former Times reporter William McGowan). These poor, rather dim-witted Arabian North Africans, having heard through the grapevine that they are JUST as smart as Europeans, JUST as worthy of "democracy" as Europeans, JUST as capable of creating European-style civilizations, used such bibles of Western liberal egalitarianism orthodoxy as the NYT to justify their pursuit of becoming Europe overnight.

How can we blame them? That most authoritative spokesmouth for all things Western - the New York Times - has been telling these people, if indirectly, for years now that the only reason they are living in Turd World poverty and despondency, is NOT because of their national innate ability (as this guy courageously does), but rather - all people and all civilizations being equal, but all political regimes NOT SO MUCH - but rather BECAUSE they were the victims of an unfair undemocratic regime, which to boot is basically in power because of evil white people (the United States).

Oy! Is there no end to this madness? How can the NYT continue to spew their anti-Western, self-loathing propaganda on a daily basis? And continue to get away with it?

There should be one thousand "crimesofthetimes.com" - hell, there should be a million COTTs! One timeswatch.org (go there!) for every single New York Times paying subscribers.

Methinks that they at the NTY are in their End Game, and methinks that the demise of the New York Times - in its current incarnation, anyway - is a good thing for Western Civilization.

Please excuse for we digress: the whole point of this post is an article we spotted in today's "Dining and Wine" section of all places, that exactly illustrates the New York Times' determination to create a society where race, gender, history, national boundaries, etc. are all obliterated in a giant Blender of One World Harmony.

The offending article in question, entitled "United At Tables in Harlem," is supposed to be about food and dining (it's published in the Food and Wine section, for Chrissakes), but the fiendish communists at the Times seem to have no bones revealing that they are in fact using a supposedly foodie article about a new restaurant as an excuse to further their twisted vision of one-world social justice. Apparently for the increasingly desperate elitists at Amerika's newspaper of record, promoting race-based and sex-based social justice is  more important than sticking to the simple, the factual, and the empirical.

From the article:

"THERE were four elderly black women in hats at Red Rooster Harlem the other night, across the aisle from a group of white men who had come north to 125th Street by subway. Also present were a mixed-race family sharing apple pie, a stroller beside them; an Asian same-sex couple, drinking wine; and mixed-gender black couples eating Swedish meatballs. Above them all was a Philip Maysles painting depicting the artist Norman Rockwell staring into a mirror and painting a portrait of himself — as Ruby Bridges, the African-American girl who integrated an all-white elementary school in New Orleans in 1960."

And it gets worse!! The author of this population-replacement one-world harmony schmooze of a post-Western propaganda puff-piece actually admits that this is not about food at all, this is about the Times' vision for utopia:
"The racial and ethnic variety in the vast bar and loft-like dining room are virtually unrivaled. The restaurant may not be the best to open in New York City this year (though the food is good). But it will surely be counted as among the most important. It is that rarest of cultural enterprises, one that supports not just the idea or promise of diversity, but diversity itself."
So, for the enlightened New-Age idiot elitists at the New York Times, it doesn't matter if the restaurant sucks, for virtually nothing is as pure, and as beautiful, and as progressive, and as worthy of praise as a Harlem eatery where one can find "mixed-gender black couple[s] eating Swedish meatballs."

And. It. Gets. Worse: For the truly, truly enlightened, sitting next to those meatballs, there needs to be:
"A mixed-race family sharing apple pie, a stroller beside them." 


The New York Times:  Population Replacement Enthusiasts Since the Early Eighties

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Anonymous said...

So the mixed race couple are sharing American apple pie,
The porverbial blind man on a galloping horse coundn't fail to notice the agitprop.

The resturant itself sounds more like the bar scene in star wars.

An excelent post by the way.