Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spot the Error

Haiti - Two Days After Earthquake

Haiti - Two Days After Earthquake

Haiti - Two Days After Earthquake

Haiti - International Food Aid Distribution:
Two Days After Earthquake

Japan: One Year After Tsunami 

Japan: One Year and Two Months After Tsunami 

Japan: One Year Nine Weeks After Tsunami 


Albion said...

The New York Times is terrified of the internet, because it is allowing Westerners to finally wake up to a world that has been concealed from them through revisionist high school text books and other such propaganda.

The New York Times and indeed the entire Western Media Elite knows that even dumb people are finally starting to catch on to the fact that the Western World is the best World; the Western World - the European mind - has indeed created every single modern innovation on the planet, as this site courageously points out.

The West really does need to wake up, because the egalitarians are wrong.

How many knew that the Aborigenes of Australia, for example - ONE SMALL EXAMPLE - did not even know that sex caused pregnancy, before white BRitish people explained it to them?

How many pussy liberals out there have heard of the "cargo cult" phenomenon, among the extremely unadvanced peoples of the South Pacific during World War Two?

And yet, the same "people" that the left wants you to believe are just as noble (noble savage, blank clate conundrum), just as worthy, just as advanced, just as equal in innate ability, just as morally aligned as Westerners, these people - the pet cause of the universal leftist egalitarianists - these people are breeding at upwards of 10 children per woman, while European chicks are either talked into a lifestyle of obesity, stupidity or lesbianism, not because they want to, but because they are the puddy in the hands of the social engineers.

People really, really need to wake up before it is too late.

Western Civilization is doomed, otherwise.

Never watch another team sports event again IN YOUR LIFE : read about Western civilization, read about race and IQ, understand the GARGANTUAN demographic changes that are taking place as we speak :

If you look at the Middle East - and yes, the NYT seems to get a sick, sick pleasure in showing us giant pictures of these turd worlders on a daily basis - these "people" are POURING into Europe right now, it is truly Le Camp des Saints by Jean Raspail (look it up).

The rabble that is showing up on the shores of Italy is cause for concern about a MILLION times more than what is going on in the "democracy protests" in North Africa : in Lampedusa, you have TENS OF THOUSANDS of Arabs - and these are not ARabs per se: they are All, ALL OF THEM, the exactr same profile: YOUNG, MALE AND ISLAMIC.

How could anyone not see that this is fucking disaster?! We're not talking about a migration of "people" here - we're talking about 25 year old men in hoodies, all headed to Europe to "find work".


Answer: these North African Turd Worlders do not give a shit about their "women" - the females are left behind in burlap sacks, to live in the Stone-Age conditions of traditional Islam in this part of the world stuck somewhere betwixt the Stone Age (Sub-Saharan Africa), the Middle Ages (North Africa), and the Enlightenment part of the world, Europe.

OF All that is going on in the world right now, THERE IS NOTHING MORE SCARY THAN THE HUGE MIGRATION PATTERNS THAT ARE SET TO SWAMP EUROPE, starting with Italy, then France, then Germany, then the UK.


It's bad, It's BAD, but we have to understand that demographics and demographic changes are the root causes of IT ALL.

- Albion

Anonymous said...

I swear to GOD this is true : tonight at a dinner party, the discussion turned to Puerto Rico (there was a Spanish lady at the table whose ancestors had owned slaves on PR), for the usual stupid reasons, I felt the need to point out to this table of uninformed white people, the truth about AMerica's role in slavery :

I told them: "How many of you knew, that of the 11 million or so black africans that were shipped to the New World during the 400 years of the international slave trade, only about .5 million wound up in the UNited States?".

So I asked the table of guests this question, and there was this guy - who owns a multi-million dollar property across the street - this guy was horrified, but HORRIFIED by what I had said.

He said: "How could you say that?"

I said: "It's act, bro, it's very simple to cross-reference."

The Table was Up In Arms.

Nobody, NOBODY wanted to hear or believe these simple facts.

Can you imagine?


The million-dollar house owner from across the street actually left early in a huff, as I busted out my laptop to try to show him this most simple of Wiki entries:


It is fucking crazy.

I have noticed before, that if you show a white liberal an example of crazy modern-day African stupidity, such as this :


My my my.

I am so sick of it.

Reality is racist.

What can one do?

Anonymous said...

HBD in all its glory.