Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Times Uses Japan's Bad Luck as an Excuse to Relaunch the No-Nukes Movement

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If you've been watching coverage of the nightmare unfolding in Japan, you might have noticed a curious site: mere hours after the biggest earthquake in human history, then a tsunami that makes Hurricane Katrina look like a spring drizzle, most of the major roadways in the affected areas of Japan appeared to be cleared of debris and passable. (See exceptional footage here and here). 

The international media in general and the New York Times in particular is having a wrenching time dealing with the inevitable comparisons to disaster response in Japan vs Haiti. 

But the Times' priorities are elsewhere at the moment, and explaining away Hatitian chaos and Japanese civility in the wake of disaster will have to be limited to such diversionary puff pieces as "Just Days Before Election, Aristide Returns to Cheers and Uncertainty in Haiti." The impending nuclear meltdown at "Fuck You, Shima!" is for the marxist reality fugitives at Amerika's newspaper of record a golden opportunity to return to the innocence of the Three Mile Island era, when deluded white liberals turned out in droves to protest nuclear energy and listen to Jackson Brown, and suburban moviegoers could feel better about themselves and claim to be enlightened environmentalists because they had seen "The China Syndrome" at the mall.

In an article published on page A12 of the International Section of today's national edition, wishful-thinkingly entitled "Japan Crisis Could Rekindle U.S. Antinuclear Movement," Times communist Leslie Kaufman talks about the glorious no-nukes rally held in the shadow of the Twin Towers in 1979, and quotes a man who is obviously a hero for her, Graham Nash of Crosby Stills and Nash: 
"It was the peak of the antinuclear movement, and campaigners felt that policymakers were finally awakening to their message. “The circumstances all came together — it was like energetic waves converging, and it was pretty powerful,” Mr. Nash said. “There has not been a nuclear plant built since.”
Of course Kaufman fails to see the irony of publishing a photo of an anti-nukes rally that includes the Twin Towers: what she is trying to glorify and revive is the exact same no-nukes movement that helped to tip the balance of power towards and enrich the stuck-in-the-stone-age Islamists who would knock those towers down a mere two decades later. 

And in the same way that the NYT plays down the significance of the civilized manner in which the Japanese respond to calamity, the Times also refuses to touch with a ten-foot pole another major elephant in the room: the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan is operated by Japanese, but it was conceived and built by Western engineers from General Electric in 1971. Nuclear energy is very much a  Western innovation (thanks Einstein, thanks Oppenheimer), not something that Japan as a civilization was on track to develop on her own without outside assistance.

Progressives and universal egalitarians don't want you to understand that the modern world in all its manifestations is basically a byproduct of Western thinking. From paved roadways, to electricity, to modern medicine, to internal combustion, to the improvements in infrastructure these things enabled every non-Western civilization on earth to achieve, notably the massive demographic transformations  in their favor that were made possible as a result, all of these things are a direct result of Western innovation. And yet the world at large does not seem to be very grateful to Western Civilization for all the innovations that have made it possible for them to engage in a global population-replacement campaign (one in three people on earth was European in 1950; in 2050 it will be one in 20), to prosper and multiply in other words, and to get to connect on Facebook. I suppose we can't blame them, egged on as they are by the self-loathing diversity enforcers at such fiendish Western institutions as the New York Times. 

One small example of the Times' excessive humility, can be seen in an article published today on page A11 entitled "Try- Anything Strategy In Nuclear Crisis Draws Criticism, and Sympathy," that starts off like this: 
" For a country that is known for its industrial robots, advanced cellphones and hybrid vehicles, Japan’s efforts to cool the hobbled nuclear reactors in Fukushima Prefecture have seemed, at least to a world watching on television, to be decidedly low-tech."
Now, it is true that Japan has become a leader in these three technological fields. But what the Times criminally does not even hint at, is that all three of these fields - not to mention the nuclear reactor that is at the core of the story! - were initially developed on Western innovations.

It would have been more honest for the New York Times to at least pay some lip service to the historical reality that Asians make excellent copycats, but relatively poor innovators. They may be smarter than Westerners IQ-wise, but what they possess in higher intelligence they lack in creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out the obvious: the less-intelligent non-Western world benefits from all our devices and achievements, and, ominously, uses not only those very devices, but also white western guilt and the food aid that comes with it, to outbreed us like cockroaches.

There is no question about it any more: the world is headed like a speeding out of control train back into the Dark Ages. It took Rome 500 years; it will take us a little over 300.

When whites are a minority worldwide, the natural pigmentocracy that has reigned fairly and honorably since time immemorial, will take over. Dumber people produce less-advanced civilizations; a critical mass of dumb brown people will be the undoing of western civilization as we know it.

Funny the way the New York Times remarks on Quaddafi's bizarre behaviour, but never comes close to talking about the average IQ of the desert bedouin people he hails from.

Michael Jackson had a lot of charisma like Quaddafi : that does not mean that he was capable of understanding nuclear physics.

For that, we need really smart white people, preferably jews, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

This web site is stupid and racist.

White people stfu!

Anonymous said...

Japan needs your thoughts and prayers right now, not a lot of bickering over who is to blame.

God bless the Japanese people.

Anonymous said...

"For that, we need really smart white people, preferably jews, thank you very much."

Jews don't have "white" interests. They have jewish interests.

In fact, they hate homogenous white countries, they promote diversity and mass immigration so that they, as a group, can feel safe like any other minority.

Where to start? Go read Kevin Macdonald's "The Culture of Critique"

Anonymous said...

"Nuclear energy is very much a Western innovation (thanks Einstein, thanks Oppenheimer), not something that Japan as a civilization was on track to develop on her own without outside assistance."

Thanks for reminding the Japanese whom to blame for their nuclear crisis. The Japanese were doing just fine before the West started meddling in Japan with capitalism and industrialization.

Radiation, oil spills, air pollution, factory farming, colonialism, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and a hundred other products of Western civilization have turned our world into a nightmare. If not for Western civilization, the world might still be a decent place to live in.

And you even have the temerity to ask why nobody likes Western civilization?