Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jihad in Frankfurt : The One-World Islamic Apologist Commies at the New York Times Mention the "Allah Akbar" Part Only in the Very Last Paragraph

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An article entitled "Gunman Kills 2 U.S. Airmen In Attack at German Airport*," by Times' communists Jack Ewing and Elisabeth Bumiller, was published today on page A4 of the international section of Amerika's newspaper of record.

[*Note: In the online version, the article is now entitled "Shooting at Germany Airport Kills 2 U.S. Airmen." It's almost like the NYT publishes suggestively and in haste in their print edition, and then tries to make up for the zeal with which they pursue their sinister agenda by toning it down in the online edition. After all, a "Shooting at Germany Airport" almost sounds like it could be a simple mishap; whereas a title like "Gunman Kills 2 U.S. Airmen..." makes it a lot more likely that readers will suspect that terrorism - and angry young Muslim men - were involved.]

The fact that the Times would give such prominence - an "Inside the Times" summary at the bottom of the front page fold, and a top-of-the fold feature position in the 1st page of the International Section - to the story of the murder of U.S. soldiers on their way to Afghanistan by what almost anyone even reasonably informed would surmise was a "Muslim-German," is interesting and needs to be dissected.

Jihad in Frankfurt, Presented on an Equal Footing With
European War Crimes in Afghanistan

First of all, we noticed that the "Gunman kills 2 U.S. Airmen" story (hint: the "Gunman" was not a female Japanese exchange student) was published directly above a large article headlined as: "Nato Helicopters Kill Nine Afghan Boys Collecting Firewood for Their Families." [Again, the online version of this article is entitled: "Nine Afghan Boys Killed by Nato Helicopters." Spot the error).

Secondly, it needs to be mentioned that the New York Times in this 19-paragraph "Gunman Kills 2" article (we counted), waited until the very last paragraph to report this:
"A man whose office is near the site of the shooting, speaking on the condition of anonymity to protect his business, said witnesses told him that the gunman shouted “God is great” in Arabic before firing. Mr. Füllhardt, the police official, said he could not confirm such reports."
In a sane society, would not the motive of the killer be first and foremost what an honest newspaper would report on?

Obviously not for the dhimmis at the New York Times.

It's almost like, the only reason they reported on this story at all, is that they knew that other news organizations - including Der Spiegel (read D.S.'s fascinating take on the "Radical Islamist Roots of the Frankfurt Attack")  - were writing about it, and that if they didn't (they would of course have preferred not to), then it would be so obvious whose side they were really playing for.

Of course, in order to atone for the sin of speaking even circumspectly about the truth of Islamic fanaticism in Europe by that continent's wonderful immigrant community, the New York Times chooses to publish a story that makes NATO chopper pilots sound like baby killers.

Oh well.

The New York Times: Really pissing me off since 1995.


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I am so sick of seeing the Arab turd world on the front page of the fucking new york times every day.


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