Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Public Policy Shape-Shifters At The NYT Pretend To Care About African Breast Cancer Victims

In an above-the fold whopper PPP ("propaganda puff piece") published today in the national edition of The New York Times and  entitled "Uganda Fights Stigma And Poverty To Take On Breast Cancer", the competitive altruism athletes at Amerika's newspaper of record achieve new heights of holier-than-thou hypocrisy.

How you ask?

Answer: by failing to mention - by criminally refusing to mention -  the background story to all of Africa's modern-day dysfunction in general, and in the case of this pity-fest, Idi Amin's Uganda in particular.

From the article by Times communist Denise Grady :
KAMPALA, Uganda — Mary Namata unbuttoned her dress in an examining room at Mulago Hospital, revealing a breast taut and swollen with grape-size tumors that looked as if they might burst through the skin.
“How long have you had this?” a doctor asked gently. Ms. Namata, 48, an elegant woman with stylishly braided hair and a flowing, traditional Ugandan dress, looked away, shamefaced.
“About a year,” she murmured. The truth, she admitted later, was closer to four years.
Such enormous tumors, rare in developed countries, are typical here. Women in Uganda, trapped by stigma, poverty and misinformation, often do not see help for breast cancer until it is too late.
For Ms. Namata, though, there was still hope that the cancer had not yet spread beyond the breast, her doctors said. Treatment could prolong her life, maybe even cure her — if it started soon.
But would she be treated in time? Women in Africa often face perilous delays in treatment as a result of scarce resources, incompetence and corruption. Would Ms. Namata wind up like so many women here, with disease so far gone that doctors can offer nothing but surgery to remove rotting flesh, morphine for pain and antibacterial powder to kill the smell of festering tumors that break through the skin?

The NYT desperately wants their desperately SWPL readership to believe, that all humans are fungible. Interchangeable. That there is absolutely zero biological or cognitive ability-difference between this woman from Uganda :

...and this woman from Stockholm :

We at COTT are obviously moved by stories of hardship emerging out of Africa. We are not monsters, we are merely realists.

The lying, radical equalists at the New York Times are the real monsters here, because by spreading the feel-good, wishful-thinking lies they do about Africa, they are directly contributing to that sad continent's suffering. Specifically by influencing public policy in the West to keep the spigots of food aid turned on full blast, when promoting contraception and responsible population growth would be the truly humane thing to do.

The vermin at the Times would be doing humanity and their readership a favor, if they were forthright in this article and other pity pieces a-plenty on Africa like it, about the true nature of Africa's population of suffering Africans: namely by revealing that 99.5% of all modern Africans are living only as a direct result of (benevolent but misguided) White Western food aid and interference. And by extension that a continent with the highest birthrate on the planet (Nigerian women fattened up with sacks of donated grain from the EU and the USA have the world's highest fertility rate - almost eight (8!) chirren per woman) will only find salvation through sensible public policy on and honest discussion about responsible population management strategies.

Could it be that the vermin at the NYT are actually encouraging the expansion of Africa's population, knowing full well that a steady supply of excess African refugees is the pre-condition for the Great replacement that looms over Europe and the United States?

The New York Times: Lying To The West, And Lying To Africa About The West, Since 1898.

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