Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Swimming Upstream In The Natural Currents Of Pushback Against The Failed Ultraliberal Worldview Torrent They Helped To Create, The Weenies At The NYT Lash Out At Nationalism On The Rise In Europe

As a veritable "Camp Of The Saints"-style scenario unfolds in Europe despite the deprived mainstream media's best attempts at downplay, slowly but surely, sanity is returning to politics in Europe.

From Kiev to Moscow to Athens to Paris to Dublin, the planned Great Replacement© is finally being recognized by average European sports fans on a large scale, and these voters are ushering in to power the anti-immigration, nationalist parties that the One Worlders at the New York Times loathe and fear.

In France, for example, the National Front just produced an historic score.

The weenies at Amerika's newspaper of record dismiss the FN's victory in : "Minor Victory by Far-Right Party Has France Asking If Bigger Changes Are Ahead."

Yeah, "minor victory." Right.

Essentially 20% or more of the French electorate supports the anti-globalist, pro-nation Front National. The FN gained 18% of the vote in the first round of last year's presidential election (behind the Socialist Francois Hollande's 28%).

Yet despite the fact that close to one-fifth of the French people support the FN and their anti-globalist platform, the Front National shockingly holds only two seats (!!) in the  AssemblĂ©e Nationale, which has a total of 577 seats ! 

From the article by Times communist Alissa J. Rubin (winky wink) :

"PARIS — The triumph by the far-right National Front party in a minor election in the south of France has created headlines across the country and prompted politicians and political analysts to take a hard look at the landscape, a little more than a year after the election of a socialist president, François Hollande.

The decisive victory on Sunday in Brignoles, a small city in the Var district, by the National Front candidate appeared to be more of a defeat for the two more centrist parties — the Socialists led by Mr. Hollande and the conservative Union for a Popular Movement party, or UMP — than a reflection of deepening support for the far right, analysts said."

"Minor election"? ... I don't think so. And neither do the vermin at the NYT. They know that their insidious campaign to delude the West into a NWO Marxist multi-cult smorgasbord that favors the historically  "afflicted" is failing and failing fast.


Meanwhile in Mother Russia, the vermin at the New York Times rolled out an above-the-fold propaganda puff piece - complete with color picture - designed to demonize Putin and glorify communist Russia, entitled : "The Russia Left Behind," by Times communist Ellen Barry. (Note that both articles cited in today's COTT post are penned by womyn).

From the article :
Midway through our journey, five golden domes came into view. Set on an island in a mirror-like lake outside the city of Valdai was evidence, the first we had seen, that someone had cared a great deal about fixing something. The 17th-century Iversky Monastery, used by the Soviets to house tuberculosis patients, has undergone a swift and lustrous renovation, financed by a phalanx of state-connected companies like Sberbank, Gazprom and Russian Railways. Its lawns are velvety, its tower the colors of roses and clotted cream.
On a recent afternoon, a tour guide shared the secret of the monastery’s rebirth: Mr. Putin has a vacation home next door.
Note the way in which the vermin at the New York Times in this article attempt simultaneously (and rather lamely) to disparage Putin, the nationalist sentiment he thrives upon, and the resurgent Russian Orthodox Church he champions, while at the same time suggesting (again, rather lamely) that things were so much better and mo noble during Soviet times.

Note also the way in which in this article the crummy little swine at the Times intentionally cloud the racial realism waters, by discussing Gypsy child marriages, and intentionally confusing their SWPL sheeple readership by mentionning a 14 year-old Gypsy bride with "blue eyes and stunning beauty."

It really can't get no more sneaky than that.

The cult of Radical Equalism has indeed infected the already diseased brains of the bacteria with bifocals who further the Public Policy objectives of Amerika's Newspaper  of Record.

The NYT : Allied With The Commies, Until That Became Inconvenient, Since 1989

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