Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, October 3, 2013

COTT Called It ! : Future NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio's Son's Afro's Object Of Utter Adulation From the Verminous Reality Contortionists At Amerika's Newspaper of Record

We predicted it in yesterday's post, ahem :
"Plan on hearing a lot more gushing praise of sassy future NYC First Lady Ms McCray in the run-up to the elections: she is everything that the New York Times wet dreams about : smart, sassy (did we mention "sassy"?), minority, lesbian, racist-to-the-bone, and sassy." 
Well, right as rain, the hateful little weasels at the NYT stayed true to form - and our educated predictions -  and published a disingenuous laugh-fess of minority-outreach love right there on the front page of the "Thursday Styles" section of today's national print edition, in an article entitled: "The Afro As A Natural Expression Of Self."

L2R: Dante, Chiara, Bill, and Chirlane diBlasio: A Freak
Show Of Diabolical Proportions For Millions Of

What is crazy here is that the vermin at the Times know full well that there is a significant portion of the US population that is very  ill at ease with Bill de Blasio's "non-traditional" marital union and the hybrid offspring that has sprung, mutant-like, from it.

To that portion of the US population the civilization-wreckers at the NYT raise the Big Middle Finger and say: we're going to really rub it in your faces now, you ignorant haters.

That future NYC mayor (it's all but a given) de Blasio married a woman five years older than himself is cause enough for raised eyebrows. And the swine at the Times know this.

But the fact that de Blasio did the Guess Who's Coming To Dinner thing in such an outrageously provocative way, by marrying a dark-skinned black woman, is even more outrageous. So it is only normal that the untermensch at the New York Times would use this relative statistical anomoly to force their (white) readers to feel even more guilty than they already do, about not accepting enough the trending phenom of co-speciation - oops, we meant : The growing trend of interracial pairings and children, as endorsed by the diversity plutocrats of 42nd Street.

"Endorsed" only for now; if the evil, sick people at the NYT get their way, it will be required by law in very the near future.

Enway, today's "Thursday Styles" puff piece pretends to focus on deBlasio's poor son's giant afro hair-do.

It's all incredibly sad and incredibly twisted at the same time.

From the article :
"Willie Morrow, a pioneer of the blowout, as the Afro was known in the ’70s, and one who popularized the Afro-pick, the oversize comb that many wore like diadems, recalled, “When you walked down the street it made a firm statement, much like saggy pants make a statement today. Black parents would say to their youngsters, ‘Don’t wear that comb; it sends a message.’ ”
You read that correctly: the New York Times is giving here, tacit approval to the droopy pants look popular in the African American ghetto community. They think it's vibrant and cool.

It gets even more real. The last paragraph of this pitiful article reads :
"For now, though, a few designers are embracing the style. They include Marc Jacobs, who introduced sky-high Afros on his runway in 2009, and Rick Owens, who released a parade of Afro-wreathed models at his show in Paris last week. Mr. Owens said his models — dancers of varying physical types selected from campuses across the country — were pointedly rejecting conventional notions of beauty.
“We’re creating our own beauty,” Mr. Owens said." 
Correct: the evil nation-wreckers of 42nd St get all real n-sheet about breaking down Natural Law.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ; there simply is no universalism here. Move along please. No universalism here to see here folks.

Move along.

The New York Times : "Vainly, Self-Servingly, and  Disingenuously Attempting To Uplift The  African American't Community, Since 1966."

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