Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, October 14, 2013

The New York Times Turns Over The Hallowed Pages Of Their Op-Ed Soap Box To A White Pedophile Who, Along With His Criminally Deviant Pedophile Partner In Sodomy, Shockingly Has Adoptive Custody Of Two Young Negro Children, And Insanely Is Allowed To Preach Morality Lessons To The NYT's Lost SWPL Sheeple

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"Purple Boots, Silver Stars... And White Parents"

From the article :
"Joshua walks with the wide, tentative yet supple steps he sees black teenage boys make, steps he has practiced at home in the mirror. I realize that this is the first time in their lives they are asserting their blackness in a black environment, maybe not in opposition to but in conscious separation from the whiteness of my male partner and me. And we are a bit proud of their budding racial independence, since it comes after years of their having expressed feelings that ranged from “I don’t want to be black” to “I hate white people.” Being black with us was safe now. Being black at Fulton Mall was sort of a test of how safe it was out there in the world. I take a picture with my phone to catch this moment, which they hate. Of course." 
In a sane society - which is to say what the Western World used to be up until only about 30 years ago (as in for 99.5% of its existence),  and what in these matters the non-white developing world continues overwhelmingly to be to this day - such brazen expression of clearly sick, deviant human behaviour would have been enthusiastically squashed. As is healthy.

Today, however, in the Western World, and in the United States especially, the freakazoid white sodomite who penned this disgusting propaganda puff is actually encouraged to go all against  natural and human laws, in the name of "sexual" and "racial"  "progress".

Make no mistake: the vermin of 42nd Street know what they are doing when they publish smut like this. They are fully aware that such filth is yet only another small incremental wrecking ball blow to the cathedral of Western Civilization that they despise so mightily.


In a sane society, the whimperings of two flaming faggots demanding "marriage equality" and other
civilization-wrecking "rights" would be quietly and discretely silenced, so as to minimize their outlier insignificance. They would, in fact, never amount to anything more than a whimper in a fringe publication or two.

And yet: consider how utterly sick and hateful the vermin at the New York Times must be to publish this disgusting op-ed porn - above the fold no less ! - in the venerated opinion pages of Amerika's "newspaper of record." It is akin to putting inter-racial child pornography on the national agenda.

Truly, their contempt for all that is good and decent knows no bounds.

Legalize gay marriage in 14 states?

Not enough.

Make sodomy and gayness a preferential model on U.S. college campuses?

Still not enough!

Vilify whites who dare have traditional families?

Nein nein und NEIN  !


Now these repulsive, deviant freaks are invited to preach their perverted morality  to the millions of delusional SWPL New York Times readers.... They are invited to hijack the most powerful public policy platform in the Western world - the Op-Ed pages of Amerika's "newspaper of record" - to normalize and push for something that is so sickening, and so obviously wrong on so many levels, that barely a generation ago there were centuries-old laws in the West that forbade it.

Consider for a moment how very, very sick a society must be, that its so-called "newspaper of record" turns over the national pulpit to a homosexual on some kind of twisted social justice rampage, a faggot who preaches morality lessons to the entire country, while engaging in sodomy with his butt buddy partner a few slices of sheetrock away from his adopted negro orphan children.

Consider for a moment a society in which this man, these men are hoisted to the elevated status of morality lesson-givers.

That, alas, is the sick sick place that America has become today.

And the New York Times is the carrier of the virus.

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