Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A New York Times Kind Of Gal ! Introducing NYC Mayoral Candidate (Beta Dweeb) Bill De Blasio's Sassy Wife And Co-Speciation Breeding Partner, Chirlane McCray

Plan on hearing a lot more gushing praise of sassy future NYC First Lady Ms McCray in the run-up to the elections: she is everything that the New York Times wet dreams about : smart, sassy (did we mention "sassy"?), minority, lesbian, racist-to-the-bone, and sassy.

Did we mention sassy?

Amazingly, her horrible little pussy dweeb husband DeBlasio is five year younger than the sassy (did we mention she's sassy) miss McCray. 

Seriously? The dude could not have scored better than her ?

It looks like this idiot deBlasio is slated to win the election, to replace the "data-driven" Hebrew-Jeebies governor that ordered the highly effective stop-and-frisk NYPD policy, while at the same time outlawing jumbo beverages and smoking in parks.

For whatever you hate about Bloomberg, at least the due had a passably attractive girlfriend and a house on Bermuda.

This DeBlasio character is bad news with a capital B for New York City: he wants to empower the poor and surplus-useless even more than the last great champion of New York City's useless welfare class did, namely David Dinkins (for whom Miss McCray wrote speeches, apparently).

Even more horrific however, is that de Blasio and McCray colluded in a freak laboratory cospeciation experiment that would have been illegal throughout 99% of the duration of human civilization, to produce this curiously coiffed hybrid freakazoid  :

NYC Mayoral Candidate de Blasio  And Family
Mark our words : the NYT will continue to shower praise on adulation on this sassy African American woman with such unrelenting regularity, that even the most uninformed, brainwashed  white sanitation and other union workers of the Far Rockaways will catch on to the Times' innately pro-minority Uplift Agenda.

Bill de Blasio's racist wife in 1971.  

It has started already, in a front page feature puff piece entitled : "Once Alienated, and NOw A Force in Her Husband's Bid for Mayor - Chirlane McCray Plays Key Role in de Blasio Campaign"

From the article :

 There was little sympathy at home, where her father, an inventory clerk at a military base, and her mother, an assembly worker at an electronics factory, waged their own battle to fit into an upper-middle-class town of strivers near Springfield, Mass. Ms. McCray was instructed to tell anyone who asked that her mother was a homemaker, just like the other women in the neighborhood, a lie she learned to repeat reflexively.
So she poured her disillusionment into poems and short stories, many of them laced with adolescent self-loathing. “I’ve spent my life as a Black girl,” she wrote years later. “A nappy-headed, no-haired, fat-lipped, big-bottomed Black girl and the poem will surely come out wrong like me.”
Her four years at Wellesley, an all-women’s, liberal arts college, brought both a long-sought social acceptance and a new form of rejection. Her being a lesbian was discovered when a classmate found her in an intimate dorm-room embrace with another woman. “Some of the women in my dorm were totally freaked out by it,” she said.
It was then that her social and political activism took root, building on the belief, articulated by a nascent group of like-minded women in Boston, that black lesbians had something different to say about discrimination and identity than the mainstream women’s liberation movement.
Ms. McCray joined what would become the Combahee River Collective, an influential collection of black feminist intellectuals, many of them gay, who felt overlooked by the 1970s politics of Betty Friedan and Ms. magazine.

Right before this quote in the article, the vermin at the NYT make outrageous accusations of evil white racism raising its ugly head and bullying poor Ms McCray in the early 1970s.

I went to public school in the south around that time, we had a tiny minority of black kids in class, nothing like this ever happened. Period. In the South, so fuggedaboutit when it comes to Massachusetts.

Sorry NYT scum: I'm not buying it.

We're not buying it.

Fuck you NYT vermin. You are lying scum with an agenda.

How dare you in 2013, in the age of Trayvon Martin facebook pages and millions spent on hoodies emblazoned with his likeness, how dare you print something like this, on your front page no less :

From the article :
She was the seventh-grader too frightened to stand in front of the room because her white classmates would mock her, contorting their mouths to make their lips look big. She was the smoldering teenager who took to writing poems every day to wrestle with her isolation and anger. She was the eldest daughter of one of the only black families in Longmeadow, Mass., who arrived home to see their new house scrawled with racist graffiti. 
“I had never had a deep sense of belonging anywhere,” recalled Chirlane McCray, whose husband, Bill de Blasio, is now the front-runner to become the next mayor of New York. “I always felt I was an outsider.” 
Now, this onetime student of powerlessness, a woman whose early identity was profoundly shaped by feelings of alienation — because of her race, her gender and her evolving sexuality — is emerging as the ultimate insider: a mastermind behind the biggest political upset of the year and a sought-after voice as the city re-evaluates what it most wants from its first family." 

The New York Times: Stoking the Flames Of Racial Animosity With The Same Chutzpah That Netanyahoo Godes The UN Assembly Over Iran At The Podium

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