Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, October 11, 2013

The NYT Honors Dead White Male And Former Right Stuff Astronaut Scott Patterson, Thereby Validating Another COTT Axiom :

Namely: that successful white males will never be reported on in the slimy pages of the New York Times - especially on the front page, the most expensive publishing real estate on planet Earth - unless they can be portrayed as showcases of corruption, degeneracy, ineptitude, or - as in the case of the front page NYT obit today on "The Right Stuff" astronaut Scott Patterson - as representative of the dying-off breed of civilization-building go-to individuals that the vermin at Amerika's newspaper of record think of as the "cancer of humanity."

"Scott Carpenter, One Of The Original Seven Astronauts, Is Dead At 88"

Make no mistake: the pointy-headed vermin at the NYT absolutely loathe and sneer at the normal-looking white family pictured below in 1962.

If it were in their power, every single ethnicity and "gender orientation" of the children pictured below would have been changed, made "diverse," in order to fulfill their sicko mantra: "To comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

Right Stuff Astronaut Scott Patterson and Family Meets With JFK, 1962.
The New York Times: It Is Becoming More Clear Every Day : These People Seriously Hate White Folks

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Anonymous said...


His name is Carpenter. Not Patterson.

As for his idyllic white family, he was married four times and was as much of a randy cocksman as many of the astronauts of his time.

The wives of these men were treated reprehensibly, by both many of their husbands and by NASA and the press. It is shameful that you idealize their marriages, which were conducted primarily for the TV and magazine parasites to report on. I.e., career-building marriages, cynical in the extreme, and in no way resembling the respectful, caring, mutually supportive union of high-quality white men and women.

It is impossible to be a truly "good wife" to a bad man. A large part of the downfall of whites in the US is that men like this were so cavalier about home and family, addicted as they were to drinking, sex, fame, and jet-plane thrills. This marks the era where the "white negro" was becoming the cultural pet in the cities of the north--where sex, drugs, and macho behavior, the hallmark of black culture, was leaking into American homes, via the news media which normalized it.

I can respect the space program's technical accomplishments. I cannot respect anyone who idealizes that at the human level. Air Force and Navy flyboys get points for a particularly stupid sort of bravado. But as white men, they were failures.