Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Proof Positive That Yoko Ono Deserved All That Hate

They say that Yoko Ono was responsible for breaking apart the Beetles.

The more serious charge they never talk about is how John Lennon, more famous than Jesus mere years after the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, chose to hook up with a rather simian-looking Japanese chick, seven years his senior, a non-Westerner who hated the West as much she was dependent upon it for her fake success. Born in 1943, Ono was after all alive when the largely WASP American Air Force dropped fire and hell upon her native Tokyo.

In the awful vid below you will see that Yoko Ono was a talent-deprived Oriental black-widow hanger-on who gleefully attacked the West from within, by clinging to the verminous John Lennon and not letting go one fingernail little bit the whole time.

This amazing one hour-plus interview was recorded on September 11th, 1971.

AMAZING: check @37.30, when Lennon brings up on stage two of his friends who had been sitting in the audience. They appear in black suit bags. For the pseudo-Utopian pseudo-anti-capitalist John Lennon, and his mindless talentless black-widow wife Yoko, this black bag stunt was a statement on "prejudice".

How incredibly ironic that this segment was filmed exactly thirty years to the day, before the husbands of burka-clad Dark Age bitches violently made their way on to the Western Stage.

Here's a screen shot from @37.30. COTT highly recommends you check it our for yourselves. Note the way in which the disgusting monkey-faced and rather homely Yoko Ono is out of place in every way in this bid, with Lennon desperately trying to make her fit in.

John Lennon and The Absolutely Horrid Yoko Ono - A Prefect Metaphor Of Western Decline,  In A Sense -
On The Dick Cavett Show, NYC, September 11th, 1971 


Mindy said...

" Geeze Mister Artu - that sure sounds zenophobic! "


Sorry non-white p0e3ople you suck, we all know it -especially you with your monkey-faces - we're finally getting over our superiority complexes !

Sorry non-whites! By the way you're welcome for all the technology that allows you to read these helpful posts.

Clutch cargo cult said...

The picture John Lenin wrapping his body fetus like around this says it all.

Anonymous said...

Clutch Cargo Cult :

Huh ?

Anonymous said...

It is that England took John Lenin's lead to heart. Lenin! I've heard that name somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

East Asians are obsessed with status and money. White people are unfamiliar with East Asians and their behaviors, thoughts and motivations. What you get is East Asian females pushing their way to the nearest white guy with money and/ or status and that white guy being flattered by the attention and what he thinks is a submissive female. In reality, she is doing what she has to to get the guy and once she does she begins to take control of the relationship. Notice Yoko sat closest to Dick Cavett. Usually the more famous person sits closest to the host.

GothicLolitaThailand said...

I don't see anything from this hate speech. I'll just walk pass it as it's never happened.

Anonymous said...

you are a racist prick

Anonymous said...

Yoko OONO is one talentless ugly cunt who thinks shes John Lennon. And he was such a dumb fuck that he agreed, and said to her, "kill me". And she did.

weathermachine said...

indeed a reliving creepy creature hiding behind the left's acceptance of everything lacking in honour, and "they hate because we dont have the intelligence they have" YUCK!
she is the daughter of the Yesuda banking corporation, a japanese aristocrat, tied in with the western elite, and broke up the band as soon as john lennon was starting a global peace movement (that would threaten elite power) the band had to go and she was their hatchet man/woman ! god she is creep arsehole obviously