Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, August 17, 2012

More Criminal HBD-Denialism And NYT Snivel On Haiti

Fri 17 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enrlg 

"Years After Haiti Quake, Safe Housing Is a Dream for Many"

Every time I see an article published in the pages of Amerika's newspaper of record that focuses on post-earthquake Haiti specifically, I know that I am in for a riotous fit of criminal HBD denialism. 

Of course I am deeply suspicious these days of absolutely every word that appears in the NYT - not just those reserved for blame-shifting away Hayti's woes - because I know that there is a sick, dark, mendacious and deconstructionist agenda behind every word published in the slick pages of America's "official newspaper." This is not an exaggeration: the New York Times is a criminal institution at war with Western Civilization. 

In the case of Haiti two point five years after the Great Quake of Jan. 2010, the real problem for the Times, and their agenda, is that the verminous lying leftists at the New York Times are very much responsible for that island-nation's 200 year-old state of non-stop misery: going back all the way to the French Revolution, in fact, and to the Jacobian ideals that were later "improved upon" by the sickly Karl Marx, the same feel-good, utopian notions of "cultural equity" espoused then are again being promoted by the sick One Worlders of forty-second Street, resulting in misery for the many uncolonised but liberated and in a feeling of competitive compassion moral superiority for the few. 

The devious diversity enforcers at the New York Times are going to have to come clean on day: they are going to have to be honest and admit that they are largely responsible for the misery that prevails in the Northern Hemisphere's poorest nation to this day. Would the Chinese - Africa's newest colonisers  - every stand for such feel-good nonsense? 

Answer: How do you say "fuck that" in Chinese? 

Talking about Haiti without being honest about HBD is simply criminal, it is criminal disinformation, it is criminal neglect, what the French call "non-assistance √† personne en danger".   Thanks to the internet, I am sure that one day relatively soon, people are going to wake up to the crimes perpetrated by this disgusting newspaper, whose employees cannot possibly believe in what they are writing, clearly they tow the line only for careerist reasons. 

From the article : 

Below: note the cargo-cult style of this home-building operation (you can be sure that every item in this photo was paid for by non-Haitian NGOs). How truly is the NYT helping the rebuilding effort and the people of Haiti by continuing to lie about the innate abilities of the people of the world's first all-Afro independent nation?

Answer: they're not helping at all. They are only making the situation worse. They are in fact  perpetuating the problem. But they are achieving exactly what they want to achieve, namely: The destruction of European-created progress, and specifically, the propagation of the myth of white, Euro wickedness.

The New York Times: Not Getting Reporting On Haiti Right Since The Nineteen-Thirties (When the Marines Were There, Building Up The Afro-Island's Infrastructure*)

[* Google Haiti-related NYT Articles published between 1914 and 1934, when the Marines left after rebuilding the nation's infrastructure]. 


Anonymous said...

I am in a bar right now reading this COTT entry on today's NYT reporting on Haiti.

There are quite a few large white dudes wearing Saints jerseys - I just found out there was a niggerball game tonight on tv tonight. (Saints).

Imagine for two seconds how these mindless, controlled, nigger-ball loving de-balled white dudes would react if they knew what we were talking about here.

Anonymous said...

Artur You're right:

It is so obvious that New Age Equalism does NOT work in the case of Haiti.

What these modern-day boons need is 100% white overseership, but that will never happen.

Today the hitler of Iran declared that Israel was a cancerous tumor that needed to be cut out of the bosom of the Middle East.

Imagine for two seconds if someone had spoken in a similar fashion about a true and real physical threat, aka Haiti 2012, whose population has increased - talk about cancerous growth ! - since the great quake.

Shaunantijihad said...

It used to be the richest country, per capita, in the history of the world.It was called Hispaniola, kind of like Ibiza in the Caribbean. I wonder what changed?????