Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Out Of Africa II: The NYT Comes Shockingly Close To Suggesting That Africans Are A Separate Species

"New Fossils Indicate Early Branching Of Human Family Tree"

This is utterly amazing. Are the eunuchs at America's newspaper of record seriously giving us HBD-aware reporting here?

From the article, first :
And then, amazingly, this :  

More shocking still, the article is accompanied by a photo of this cranium, presumably similar to the missing link-style creature the Times is alluding to :
Take a close look at the skull here. What seems wrong with this picture?

Answer: the skull is presented looking down (the bottom row of teeth should have been horizontal). The Times intentionally published this photo slightly rotated to the right, or clockwise, in order to reduce the appearance of the skull's sloping shape and in particular the prognathism exhibited in the thrusting lower jaw, and its resemblance to the type of "living individual" the scientist quoted above is referring to, who might look like this:

 Or, indeed, to a 50% or so lesser degree, like this: 


Anonymous said...

OMG : Keep up the good work. The coverage of the London Olympics is going to help most normal white people to see that blacks are clearly a different species.

It's amazing enough as it is, when most Olympic sports are so obviously broken down into racial categories, that people are not more woken up already.

In the 2008 game I can guarantee you that there weren't at the time enough HBD bogs around to make white people aware of the types of Galtonian racial awareness that was taken for granted before the scourge of Political Correctness forbade us to speak of such things.

Anonymous said...

I have never believed the fairy tale that Negroids migrated from Africa to Europe and the cold weather in Europe turned them into intelligence White people. DNA studies prove that there are different species of humans just as there are of all living things.

Anonymous said...

White people aren't even fully human. They are mixed in with Neanderthal DNA, therefore they are sub human(if they are even human at all. How about you child raping, genocidal maniacs write an article about that.

And this article of ignorance and misinformation completely ignores the fact that MOST black people have flat faces and that you could easily walk outside into your own back yards and see sub human Neanderthals like yourselves with jaws that stick outwards.

You people ignore DNA evidence proving that Africans are FULLY human and choose to look at facial slopes.

If we were to judge how evolved a people were by features then white people would be full on apes.

Apes have straight hair, thin lips, flat butts and small hips.

Anonymous said...

This is just some racist bs. Some idiot redneck probably wrote this lame post. Good luck getting ur fake news out to everyone.