Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Orleans: Introducing The Scary Re-Embodiment Of Saint Louis City Council Murderer Cookie Thornton (No! Not THAT Thornton (You're Thinking Of Omar Thornton, From Hartford)) - Serial New Orleans City Council Heckler And Dunning-Kruger Laboratory Exhibit A., Sandra Wheeler-Hester, AKA "The Eighteen Wheeler"

14 Aug MMXII - Clk 2 Enrlrg 
Sandra Wheeler-Hester, who has her own Wikipedia page (cited), as well as her own video podcast, is a larger, darker, stupider and more outspoken female version of Al Sharpton and other screeching but entertaining race-hustlers. Wheeler-Hester  has gained repute in recent years for regularly interrupting New Orleans public City Council meetings with howls of "Dat be yarciss" (n'sheet).

The "18 Wheeler" pops up in COTT today as a result of her recent performance at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) on Saint Charles Avenue here in New Orleans (full disclosure: I took swimming and magic lessons there when I was a kid).

Another example of this rather low-IQ African American't robo-boon's spouting "Dis be a plantation wit da po-leece gonna wip yo hades" nonsense can be seen here. Note: every syllable of this poor woman's outbursts cab be attributed to the system that has been set up to protect her kind, and to ensure that every single one of her people's failures are directly imputable to the reigning White Patriarchy. Watch the vid and agree or disagree - it is fascinating social commentary either way.

This poor woman is simply too stupid to realize how ô so stupid she is. What are the chances that she or one of the gangstas in her fambly go postal and shoot up the New Orleans City Council, as Cookie Thornton did in Saint Louis in 2008, and in a freakily similar case, Omar Thornton did in Hartford Connecticut two years ago?

Answer: not a negligible chance at all.

From the New Orleans Times Picayune article describing the 18 wheeler's outburst at the city council meeting yesterday :

"You racist honkies."

This from a woman whose very girth is the direct result of "honky" munificence; this from a woman whose chirren and extended fambly are the direct benefactors of trillions of dollars in nice white federal monies; this from a woman whose own kin and kith are responsible for New Orleans being a close second to Chicago as the Murder Capital of the USA.

Most sadly for us but also sadly for Wheeler Hester, all of society's arbiters right now - from the MSM to the federal government - are artificially setting the goalposts to validate her sincere belief that she is not really stupid, and that she and her people are genuinely oppressed, and as a result are totally justified in such outrageous expressions of "revolt". More sadly still, all this false dichotomy does is further confuse her tiny little under-evolved brain; this is Classic Dunning Kruger 101.

In case you thought I was making this stuff up: for an older story (May MMXII) on this shebeast, see here.

The New York Times: Not Even Related To This Nola Story, But That Does Not Take Away From The Crimes They've Committed To Make This Kind Of Disgusting Shit Even Possible


Anonymous said...

It's not called Black Run America for nothing.
Whites should stand up for themselves. This obese sheboon is just one of the shock troops that jews use to destroy this country. Whites are called racist, but this sheebon is tolerated like she's another alsharpton and so many others like the black panthers are allowed to be as racist as racist can be. It's sickening.

rjp said...

Why is it that she's an activist, but I am a racist.

And why does somebody who no longer lives in NO terrorize their meetings?

M.G. said...

Sensational. Calls to mind Detroit City Council legend Barbara Rose Collins, the tiara'd terror. While researching for my blog, I'm constantly stumbling over stories of large and in charge black women terrorizing their subordinates, so much so that I've a whole bookmark folder devoted to it. Whether it be school board presidents shouting down others, school board presidents who menace and intimidate their underlings, mayors who assault their police chiefs, principals who physically threaten their teachers, or Congresswomen who punch cops, there is something about the Afro woman and power that make an intoxicating mix. A réfléchir.