Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Starvation In Sudan: Times Communist And Chief Diversity Enforcer Nicholas ("Tricky Nick") Kristof Tells Only Half The Story

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"Starving Its Own Children," a predictably pathetical tear-jerking afrophilic propaganda puff piece penned by the NYT's Diversity Enforcer In Chief, id est tricky Tricky Nick aka Nicholas Kristof, appeared with great gastro-traumatic effect today, on page 13 in the Sunday Times "Sunday Review", in the Sunday Op Ed section, so to speak.

"Starving" tells the story of Noxious Nick's favorite starving pity people of the moment, in this case the cave-dwelling nomads of the Nuba Montains of South Sudan (yes, the same place not too far from Clooney's beloved Darfur, where Westerners spent five hundred million bucks in 2010 to finance an election that was supposed to bring enlightened Western-style "Democracy" to a Stick Age people).

Of course, what always happens in a NYT piece like this, is that Tricky Nick and all his verminous reality contortionist pals at Amerika's newspaper of record, fail in a criminal way to report on the way more important background story behind the Starving Marvins of africa, namely: that these starving nomads with their eight children each would not be alive in the first place were it not for the paternalizing do-gooderism agitations of such NWO policy-influencing institutions of national discourse as the NYT in the first place.

Translation in COTT-speak : Kristof complains in "Starving" about a problem that he helped create thirty years ago.

From Tricky Nick's Puff Piece, check out this part where he fully misses the irony of his do-gooder mission  in S. Sudan :

The New York Times: Refusing To Admit They Helped Create This Nightmare Since 1993.

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jbrennan said...

Starvin Marvins! You crack me up. Hey Catholic Charities,round em up and dump em in oh some place they'd fit in like Idaho